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    Looks like DJ is out with an acl tear. Undrafted rookie all we have for a fb now.

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    yes, he's out for the year. I feel for the guy, all reports had DJ having a strong pre-season.

    here's to wishing him a full and speedy recovery, this pretty much locks up a roster spot for Will Johnson...
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    Should be able to find a FB with NFL experience or trade for one who has real experience at the position.

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    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.

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    Dont worry, Seattle will jettison another quality FB in the near future. First it was John L. Williams, whom we acquired in the 1990s. Then more recently they let go of Leonard Weaver, whom I hoped we would pick up at the time. Next, the Owen Schmidt release had me wondering why they hated the FB position more than Bruce Arians. Can we possibly imagine they will release Michael Robinson now that we are finally recommitted to the position and are in need?
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    First preseason game and the team is already banged up. Any update on Adams' knee?

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    Will Johnson will do fine. No need to bring in another body.
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    David Johnson actually played a nice game prior to the injury. The catches were nice, but he also seemed effective as a blocker. A real shame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    Should be able to find a FB with NFL experience or trade for one who has real experience at the position.
    I was listening to Tomlin on Steelers radio and he stated that DJ was having a great camp and that he really liked the position flexibility that he provided. He raved about the camp DJ was having.

    I got the impression that we are not looking for a body just for the FB position...It is unfortunate to lose him for the season...He knows the system and can play both positions.

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    Now I don't blame Wally so much for not showing up until he knows he's getting paid.

    Feel bad for DJ. He seems to work hard and whiff on a lot of blocks. But he does take a bad rep around here.


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