So the armpits have decided that we will make the pilgrimage to Latrobe one day next week, depending on how our schedules work out. I have a few questions for you guys/gals:

1. The practice that is open to the public is at 2:55p.m. - what time should we plan on getting there?? Also, what will our access be to the players? Armpit Jr. is so excited about meeting players, getting pics, autographs, etc. I just don't want him to be disappointed.

2. What is the UPMC Steelers Experience? It runs from 1:30-6p.m. Is it something we should do? Should we go before the 2:55p.m. practice? Will we have enough time after practice??

I appreciate any and all help/suggestions. This will be my first time going to training camp. Just want to know what to expect when I get there. Thanks!!