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Thread: Non-Steelers Talk will be moved

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    Non-Steelers Talk will be moved


    Apparently, my last sticky was being ignored ....

    Today, I will be cleaning up Forum titles and their description so it's more clear where certain threads should reside.

    After that is complete, any theads off topic will be moved appropriately (ex. Bengals, and Manning topics will not be allowed in the Steelers Talk area)

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    I was an offender with one of the threads that I started. If something relates to a division rival (either signing or not signing somebody) should it be in the Steelers forum or elsewhere?

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    I would think in the "[URL=""]Around the NFL[/URL]" topic . Maybe we could get a AFC North topic for the Ratbirds Brownies, and Bungals news

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    To me, AFC North news IS Steelers news. It's hard to separate how a major event occuring in Ratland or Bungholio doesn't affect the Steelers a lot. I'd be in favor of keeping news about them and Stains in the Steeler Talk forum.

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    why do we really need to separate it? I like the one stop shopping for NFL news, and there really isn't all that much being posted that you can't find what you want.

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    Anything w/ Steelers in the name/post is Steelers news... this includes mock drafts.

    I want to make things as easy as possible. Some people don't like having all news mixed and some do. I personally like the seperation as long as the other forums are active. I don't want to make people have to jump back and forth to a dozen forums ..... that is why I'm going to go with the 2 NFL Forums: "Around the NFL" and "Steelers Talk". The current "NFL Draft" forum will be merged into the "Around the NFL" forum.

    Divisional news is not going to be considered Steelers News unless the post/article specifically mentions the "Steelers".

    For example, if you want to post a news article about the Ravens, it needs to be done in the "Around the NFL" forum. If you want to start a topic on how that Ravens news effects the Steelers then create a new post in the Steelers Talk forum.

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    I used to post all draft related stuff to the NFL draft area and even tried to talk it up in the Steelers Talk section. But, to no avail. Now, I put all Steelers related draft posts in the Steelers section. If you don't, only about 10 people will read them.
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    I don't think we should move anything at this time of the year, since the board is slow and news is sparse. I know I won't go looking in 2 or 3 forums for news. If there's nothing new in the Steelers forum, I typically leave and go about doing other things. During the season when news and activity are high, I have no problem moving Bengal, Raven, etc news to some other forum, that's because there's enough Steeler news to fill the Steeler forum.

    Just my opinion, either way, I'll play by the rules established.


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    So I can't complain about the Pens? Blow a frickin 3 goal lead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelBucks View Post
    So I can't complain about the Pens? Blow a frickin 3 goal lead.
    There is a forum for that. I'm normally happy to talk Pens hockey. Just not today.


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