When I got in the car this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to hear Renegade on the radio. I have to admit, I only ever see it at Heinz or watch it on youtube with Steeler highlights. And for some reason, I thought the song was kinda lame for the first time without all the Steelers stuff going on with it.

But the funny thing was the next song I heard and I thought, this could be another lamo song that the Steelers' video crew could turn into B&G magic. It was Foreigner's "Double Vision".

The Steelers could play it with kill shots from Harrison, Clark, etc. where guys get up woobly with post concussion issues. It'd be the ultimate FU to Roger Goodell.

Something was kinda cheesy about both of those songs. But when I thought of Steelers highlights, both felt a lot better than they sounded. I was surprised these songs are considered classic rock. I'm not even sure Styx and Foreigner were considered Rock bands in their day. It's funny how we re-write history and don't really remember things for what they once were.