...and back now with the new screen name! Still in the process of moving a bunch of remaining boxes and odds and ends out of the old house, but the furniture and everything else is there so we're "settled in" for the most part. Job's busy but going well, and our landlord and neighbors have been great to our family. I'll feel MUCH better, however, when I stop paying on a mortgage for a house that I don't live in anymore

Anyway, as those of you who have gone through the process of going through stuff while moving, you find things you forgot you even had. While going through a box of papers, I found an old copy of the Post-Gazette I picked up when my wife and I visited in 2004. Specifically, it was the Sunday issue for April 24th. Anyone remember what the Steelers did the say before? Let's just say that their prediction of the "potential" of who they chose that day was right!