...because I'm moving back to the 'Burgh! For those that read my recent NHL thread, you saw that I was in town on July 11th for interviews. Well, long story short, based on events that happened that day, I accepted a Senior level position with a company in Mt. Lebanon this week and will start on the 13th. We're going out there this weekend to look at some rental houses (we are in NO way ready to sell our house yet and will have to do the two house thing for a while, unfortunately) and hopefully get all settled in by the end of the month. Just in time for us to meet up with the rest of our clan at Myrtle Beach in September as we watch the Ben and company beat up on the Donkeys!

Anyway, money will be a little tight for a while until things settle down, so no games at Heinz Field for us right now. I do hope that I can make it down to one of the tailgates even if I'm not going to the game. Until then, we'll watch on local TV (yay!) and I'll have to think of a new screen name before the 13th. Any ideas are welcome