I saw that little girl Gabby win a Gold medal and heard someone asked her about being the first African American gymnast to win the all around gold. She commented she really hadn't thought about it or something to that effect.

I never really thought about it either. And it bugged me thinking we must be a bunch of redneck racists in America if we think these thoughts. I thought the same thing when they touted Obama as the first black president.

Looking back in history, Rosa Parks sitting in the back of the bus or Jackie Robinson getting into the MLB seem like big deals to me because these happened at a time when America was close to being racist.

Now I don't think of America as racist. At least not people under 40 for sure. I doubt people under 40 even notice race. Maybe you have to be 50 or 60 at least to have ever even thought about someones race. That would take your life back to the 1950s or 60s.

I guess I don't really think about people's race or color that much. And I really see the people around me being different - from different races, different cultures, different religions. About the only thing that's the same is everyone's different.

But when you hear the media talk about the first black whatever, it makes me take a step back and think, society must still be racist for this to be prominent.

Maybe it will take all the current 50 and 60 year olds to be dead to eradicate racism from our society. And at that point, this kind of thing will seem silly to point out to everyone.

Then again maybe its just the media being sensational to get noticed?

Whatever it is, it's annoying to me. Almost as annoying as Chick-Fil-A.