Pagano gives Steelers fan Luck jersey
Posted by Mike Florio on July 30, 2012, 9:17 PM EDT

Steelers fans travel really well. They travel so well that one of them showed up Monday at Colts practice wearing a Steelers jersey.

And while that may not be an issue if the Steelers fan had invaded Lucas Oil Stadium, Colts safety Tom Zbikowski and coach Chuck Pagano decided to take action.

According to the Associated Press, Pagano gave the Steelers fan and Andrew Luck jersey and a choice: Get it on, or get out.

“[Zbikowski] saw it and said, ‘Look Coach we got to do something about that,’” Pagano said. ”I went over there. He’s a huge [former Steelers and current Colts offensive coordinator Bruce] Arians fan, obviously, and [former Steelers and current Colts running back] Mewelde Moore. So with a little bit of coaching and a brand new Andrew Luck jersey, I said, ‘Look, you’ve got to put this jersey on. If you do it, you get to stay, if not we’ve got to escort you out of here.’”

The fan, Zach Simmons, says he wasn’t trying to cause trouble. ”I’m trying to get Bruce Arians and Mewelde Moore’s attention,” Simmons said. ”I am still kind of in shock, but it was pretty cool for my buddies I came with.”

For Zbikowski and Pagano, the sight of a Steelers jersey was more likely to trigger a negative reaction. Both men came from the Baltimore Ravens, bitter rivals of the Steelers in the AFC North.