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If the team was wise enough to FINALLY get rid of Arians, why are they not wise enough to realize one of his pet players stinks? I can't believe Hynoski was out there as an undrafted free agent and Pgh did nothing to attempt to sign the guy. What a huge mistake and he was right in their back yard. Such a foolish non move.
You and the rest of the sad troop of mindless DJ haters are the ones who STINK! Robotic herd regurgitation of this crap. Johnson is a big, strong, tough professional player. He practices hard and he plays hard. He does what the coaches ask him to do without complaint. He's getting better at FB and he still possesses some versatility to fill in at TE. He hasn't made the team for three years because he is siomebody's pet. And when he makes it this year, it will also because he has a value to the team. And when he does, I say on his behalf (because he's probably too cool to say this himself). Haters you can "Whiff my Johnson"