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Thread: Comparing Our WRs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    I think every team in the NFL has some sort of allocation by position unit and it probably varies from team to team. Obviously for our team, we have tried for years to economize by having a smaller allocation for the OL. Didn't work so that will probably increase over the next several years. We have however probably had a much higher allocation for LBs than other teams. Lots of factors play into this such as experience of each unit.

    I think that $17-20M per year is probably the top line limit we could afford for WRs untder the current cap and I would think the lower side of that is probably right. That is why I think it will be very hard to keep both Brown and Wallace and still have viable #3 and #4 receivers past next year unless those guys are very young.

    It would be interesting once the final 53 is determined how much we have tied up by positional unit. Anyone want homework?
    My opinion is that you should always allocate money to the better players at their position league wide. Simple. .

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    Combine this point:

    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    Megatron played in one playoff game.

    1 Game
    12 Receptions
    211 Yards
    17.6 YPR
    2 TDs

    That's pretty dominant...

    Detroits D gave up 45 to the Saints last year...
    And this point:

    We have however probably had a much higher allocation for LBs than other teams.
    Never mind that we have a fist full of rings.

    WE have more postseason wins IN DETROIT than any player on that team has.

    Megabuck to Megatron or any other receiver at the expense of the greater team needs is stupid and Wallace sure aint Megatron.

    Walace can surely get more elsewhere but we cant screw up our cap because other teams are stupid enough to overvalue ONE receiver.
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