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Thread: Another Wally Question

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    Another Wally Question

    If he holds out until week 10, can we make him stay away at that point? Do we have to let him come back? Is there a way to get around allowing him back and not allowing him to become a UFA?

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    We can't keep him from coming back so we have a couple of options.

    1. Just make him inactive for games. Unlikely that happens.
    2. Put as many hard miles on those tires as we can and wear his a$$ out.

    If it is me I'm choosing #2 and I'm going to send him across the middle on every play and break him. But that's just me. If he wants Larry Fitz money then let him show on the field that he deserves that money doing the things that Fitz does better than anyone. He won't be able to pull it off.
    1.25 DT Vernon Butler, La Tech, 6’4” 323
    2.58 CB Artie Burns, Miami, 5’11” 189
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    6.220 OT Stephane Nembot, 6’7” 322-raw talent with ton of upside
    7.229 CB Brian Poole, Florida, 5’10” 210
    7.246 WR/KR Ed Eagan, Northwestern State, 5’ 10” 185-need WR depth and returner

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    If he holds out until week 10 and we have been successful without him, the he will be inactive for the remainder of the season and will be gone the next year.

    I am hoping that Tuesday morning he signs the tender and shows up to camp....Eventually working out a deal that both sides can live with....

    Wishful thinking....

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    if he holds out to week 10 and gets put into games, who knows what kind of attitude he will play with--and possibly only play half-heartedly. It may be too early to say he is copping a "diva" attitude already since there is the business side to this and it is natural he feels he wants to get the most out of the deal as possible.

    Lots of "ifs" at this time.


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    Quote Originally Posted by flippy View Post
    If he holds out until week 10, can we make him stay away at that point? Do we have to let him come back? Is there a way to get around allowing him back and not allowing him to become a UFA?
    If he holds out to week 10, HIS 2012 season will be a complete bust. How can he sell himself to the highest bidder without playing the full-season??

    It would be the single-most, monumentally-catastrophic, decision of stupidity that anyone has ever made!!!!!!!!

    And if he did that, I would de-activate his punk-@$$ for the rest of the season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We all know that if he comes back at week 10, how huge of a distraction that would be, and you can rest assured
    that Rooney, Colbert, and Tomlin will NOT let that happen!!!

    All I know right now, is that, he still has a chance to "apologize", and "Tuck-Tail" before this really gets out of hand...

    If he doesn't walk into camp by early next week, #17 is G-O-N-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just hope that the Steelers "Make him Pay"!!!!! Don't give into trading him just to trade him cuz he crys like a b!tch!!

    They need to make an example out of him, for what he's done!!!!

    The SteelerNation doesn't need a LOSER like this to WIN #7!!!!

    We've won SB's before MW, and we can do it without him!!!!


    The Pittsburgh Steelers: There is NO other Team!


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