I was just thinking to myself what the likely resolution to this suddenly nasty Mike Wallace situation will be and I wanted to see the gamut of everyone's thoughts on the subject.

My thinking is that he will either report by Monday or he will be sitting out regular season games and consequently taking his services elsewhere. The barometer for his contract has been laid out by AB's deal and it can't serve as a negotiating point until he reports. It serves no purpose or logic to stay away from camp any longer, unless his ultimate strategy is to play his minimum 6 games and move on outta here.

I'm going to predict he signs his tender on Monday and reports to camp. I hope we can reach a long-term deal with him, but it seems he will have to eat a huge slice of humble pie, if he is to get within range of the team's offer and I'm not so sure he is willing to do that.

As far as ultimate predictions go, I see two possible destinies for Mike Wallace.
1. He signs a long-term deal with the Steelers. This of course allows him to experience several more world championships, paves the way for his eventual hall of fame induction, and sets him up for a life of total fulfillment.

2. He signs on to the highest bidder in the open market after sitting out the first 10 weeks of 2012 and scores a big contract. Unfortunately for Mike, that team happens to be the Cleveland Browns...and the contract embarrassingly enough is for 5 years and $50M. 2012 will prove to be the last time Wallace is affiliated with a winning team during his NFL career. The continual rotation of sub par Browns quarterbacking and nagging injuries robs Wallace of both victories and his numbers. Frustrated, he will eventually force his way out of Cleveland after only 3 seasons, then bounce around a few other losing teams as his speed slowly diminishes to a pedestrian pace. Following his lackluster career, he sinks into depression and consequently sees a way to make more money by blaming it on concussions and he joins the still on-going concussion lawsuit.

So what's it going to be Mike?

What do you guys see happening?