I thought he would have learned to keep his cake hole shut after last year's "old, slow, and over" comment concerning our defense.

I was just watching NFL Network and he was on there with Willie McGinest and Tom Waddle. The host asked the 3 of them if the Steelers could still be considered an elite team in light of all of their "question marks".

Waddle gave the metric of an elite team as top five in the conference and put us in that group behind the Pats, Texans, and Ravens. He put us in there, but seemed reluctant to do so. He cited the defense, LeBeau, and Roethlisberger as the reasons why.

McGinest was more effusive in his praise, although he stammered through his explanation a little more clumsily. He essentially used Waddles definition for elite and unequivocally stated were were top-5 in the conference, without ranking any teams. He echoed a lot of what Waddle stated but had a lot of praise for Ben.

Then came fat boy. He said there is no way that a wild card team could be considered elite -only teams that won their division, played at home in the playoffs, or had 13-14 wins could be considered elite- and the Steelers are definitely no longer an elite team (at which point McGinest shook his head and laughed). He cited questions with a new RG and called DeCastro a 2nd round pick. He then started making fun of the fact that he thinks we are going to try and be a run-first team under Haley, and finally he made fun of Steve McClendon starting at the nose, weighing only 280 pounds.

Never mind we were in the Super Bowl 2 years ago or the fact that we are the only team with at least 12 wins in 3 of the last 4 seasons. Never mind that DeCastro is widely-considered the best guard to come out of college in the last decade and was a first round pick. Never mind that McClendon is listed at 280 on the roster but actually weighs 325 pounds. We lost in the wild card round on the road, so we are by definition not elite.


Sapp has proven that he doesn't know what he's talking about. I think he's still steaming about Foote bringing up that incident in Tampa a few years ago where Sapp was doing his usual pre-game barking and wound up getting bitch-slapped.

I just wanted to point this out so more of the Steeler Nation directs more of their ire in his direction. I hate Warren Sapp as a human being and want as much negative karma thrown his way as possible. One day it will finally get him.