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    If i am ARII i would fire Kevin Colbert ASAP for a trade of MJD for Mike Wallace.

    MJD is not happy with the contract. He wants more money. How is he different from Mike Wallace? In fact he is worse than Mike Wallace because MJD is under contract for 2 yrs. MW is not under contract. Why in the world would one trade for MJD?? If you want to pay, pay to your own player and pro-bowl WRs are difficult to find than a RB. RBs in NFL are dime a dozen.

    And when you have a HOF QB you don't trade a pro-bowl WR for RB. A big NO.

    Mike Wallace for Revis would be a great trade but again Revis wants money. Big Money.On top of that he is a diva. Would you make Revis highest paid Steelers player? People have trouble giving Mike Wallace 10 million/yr why would anyone give so much money to a CB to play 10 yards away from a WR???
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