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Thank you for uploading this.

No matter what, no matter what kind of nice guy or whatever anyone wants to say about a guy like this, the bottom line is that he isn't/wasn't an NFL caliber player. And I know that you can't take one play, and indict a guy's total ability. But in that case (I can still see it in my mind's eye), you simply can't drop that pass. You can't.

It's worse than Tim McKyer getting beat in the '94 AFCC when he had no business getting beat...

The only Steeler play that comes to mind (off top of my head) that was worse, was Tommy Maddox fumbling away a regular season Jax(?) game by not being able to bend down to pick up a ball... a ball that my 80-year old grandpa could pick up.

the fact he undercut that route and got in position for the INT was whats inpressive. our corners in recent years (opposite ike) would have let the ball get into the receiver and then try to knock it out of his hands hoping for an incompletion.

it wasnt the same as say an asante sameul drop in the SB where the ball was thrown right at him