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Thread: Wallace officially a no-show; Steelers suspend negotiations

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    La Canfora: A deal between Mike Wallace, Steelers becoming more unlikely

    By Eye on Football staff
    September 1, 2012

    It's still possible for Wallace to get a long-term deal before the season starts.

    The following is a report from's NFL Insider Jason La Canfora. Follow him on Twitter at @JasonLaCanfora.

    The Steelers and receiver Mike Wallace will continue contract dialogue this week, but chances of an extension look slim for now, according to league sources.

    The Steelers do not engage in contract talks in-season, and that will not change. As we have been reporting for months, Wallace could land a five-year deal worth roughly $50 million with at least half of that guaranteed, but he has been fixated on making $11 million a season or more.

    The sides have re-established a dialogue after Wallace ended his holdout but have yet to bridge their gap. Should Wallace accept that the $10-million per season is fair, then a deal is possible prior to their opener next Sunday. But otherwise he stares at the prospect of playing this season for less than $3 million and then could be franchised in 2013 and 2014.


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    He could be franchised for two years following this season? Didn't know that. I assumed he could only be franchised for one year.

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    I think they can franchise a player 3 times...may be 4 and beyond

    2017 Mock

    1. T.J Watt, OLB/DE, Wisconsin - will be a huge mistake if available and we pass

    2. Cordrea Tankersley, CB, Clemson

    3. Josh Jones, S, N.C. State

    3. Adam Shaheen, TE, Ashland

    4. Trey Hendrickson, DE, Florida Atlantic

    5. Josh Reynolds, WR, Texas A&M

    6. Barry Sanders, RB, Oklahoma State (How can you go wrong with that name, however the sample size is so small that his dad may be better even in his 50's)

    7. Alec Torgersen, QB, Pennsylvania

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    "Why so STUPID"!!!?

    Wallace is just plain STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    His brain must be the size of a peanut!!

    He'll have financial security with a long term deal, and not have to
    worry about getting franchised for several years, making about the
    same or even less...

    I just can't grasp how utterly DUMB this [EMAIL="dumb@$$"]dumb@$$[/EMAIL] is!!!!!

    The Pittsburgh Steelers: There is NO other Team!

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    The extra million he is asking for, ain't gonna break the Steelers.

    BUT if they concede to his demands, then they will attract more of that. So NO WAY do you give him 1 F'ing penny more. And if he fights, then right him for 2 years where he earns less than they were offering. Then let him go. It will cost him about 7 mil over 2 years and expose him to considerable unnecessary risk.
    Let a fool be a fool.

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    Ed: Wallace Says Ben's Arm Stronger


    Here is a question-and-answer session with Mike Wallace today. Emmanuel Sanders told me he expects Wallace to start in Denver and play a lot. Wallace said today went well.

    Q. On his first day practicing:
    WALLACE: It just feels good to be back with my teammates, just to be out there learning the offense I like where Iím at but I still have a way to go.

    Q. On difference practicing here:
    WALLACE: Lot of faces, lot of smiles, lot of sweat. I like all that. Itís fun being with these guys. I wouldnít want to be anywhere else.

    Q. On the difference in speed of the game:
    WALLACE: I havenít been with Ben in awhile. His arm is stronger than when we left last year. He was throwing that thing pretty far. He can throw a lot better than coach [Tom] Shaw.

    Q. Did you have any questions on the plays?
    WALLACE: Not today, Iím not going to say itís going to be like that every day, but not today. I had a pretty good grasp of what we were doing. That was one day. I donít know how itís going to be like Wednesday but today I was pretty good.

    Q. On running shorter routes:
    WALLACE: I have to know everything, I canít just run down the field. I have to do be able to do short, long, I want to do it all. Today was a good start for me. We have a way to go but todayís only Monday. Weíll see Wednesday how it feels.

    Q. On whether heíll be in a lot of plays:
    WALLACE: Iím just happy to be out there. Iíll run all day until they tell me to come out. I need the extra work anyway.

    Q. On wide receivers coach Scottie Montgomery working with him on Friday and Saturday:
    WALLACE: He gave me a good jump. He loves working anyway. He didnít want me to go home, he wanted to keep me in there. All those days and those hours really helped me.

    Q. On whether the Steelers might limit the plays he must know this week:
    WALLACE: I donít know, but I donít think they should have to do that. I like where I am today. Iím excited about it, I donít think they have to hold back too much.


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    posted by Dale Lolley

    Tues, Sept. 4, 2012

    @ It's beginning to look like Mike Wallace will start over Emmanuel Sanders. That's a surprising move by Tomlin, who usually likes to send messages through his actions.

    I'm sure the fact that Wallace spent all day Friday and Saturday with receivers coach Scottie Montgomery had something to do with the decision.

    @ The Steelers, by the way, continue to try to bang out a new deal for Wallace.

    This could go down to the wire. A couple of years ago, the Steelers had strong safety Troy Polamalu sign his new deal on the plane before takeoff for their regular season opener.



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