So my 21 year old special needs son decided it would be cool to buy a 12 pack of beer and go to the park to hang out. Never mind it is illegal to do that here. So, he has a few, borrows a bike from God-knows-who, crashes to the point that his elbow is shredded. Now he needs surgery. He hasn't even made his first payment on his new car, and he is not working for a while.

I think I'll let him live, but don't know why yet.

Truth is that my priorities concerning this are like this:

  1. Make sure Mrs. Fan and I are in unison about how to kill him (not really), or help him learn from it;
  2. Make sure the consequences are painful enough (beyond the elbow) that he gets his head and colon away from each other, but NOT so big that he looses the car and has to regroup again;
  3. Make sure he has a plan on how to fix this situation (no job to pay for car, insurance, etc., and a plan to not get stupid like that again), and that he is accountable to us for the plan;
  4. Make sure he is still focused on his career so he can get the heck out of my house!!!;
  5. Do my best to make sure my youngest son doesn't think it's no big deal that this kind of prehistoric stupid that his older brother is so expert at takes place, enough that he is afraid to do the same.

Pray for me. Special needs are interesting. Of course, so is Jack the Ripper......