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Thread: My take on the 53 man roster and camp battles!

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    My take on the 53 man roster and camp battles!

    New to this forum and I really wanted to start posting and share some of my opinion about the steelers! Before I begin, I would like to say its great see a group of people who love the steelers as much as I do. I have been rooting for the black and gold since I was a young kid.

    Without further a do, I will give some of my predictions on this seasons roster and camp battles I think we will see. I am going to do offense first, defense, then special teams in a few posts.


    Big Ben, Bryon Leftwich, Charlie Batch

    Ben - Our franchise qb will be back in full swing. Although a new OC and playbook might hamper a bit early in camp, we will see the same old ben from previous years. He is reported to be in the best shape of his career and just recently wed. Look for a thinner, meaner, mature ben ready to take the field this fall.

    Leftwich - Backup coming off a season where a broken arm hampered any type of production. A former first round pick who is a great backup and provides veteran leadership to a young team.

    Batch - One of the oldest players on the roster. I see this as a final year for him. A great stand in and reliable backup but who is slowly loosing the battle to old age in an ever changing nfl.

    Rb's and Fb's

    Redman - We will finally see the rise of redman. A product out of Bowie State the 27 year old back has proved his worth as a backup. He now has the chance to show he is starting caliber in the nfl. I have always like redman and he will surprise more people. With mendenhall in his final year, look for redman being extended for at least 3 years to compete with a young core of backers.

    Baron Batch - A stud out of Texas Tech who is in his second year. A torn ACL in last years camp hampered any production from him. After a full year of rehab he is ready and will make this roster and redmans backup. He is a great runner who has good speed and excellent cuts for his size and build. Look for him on third down and in passing situations.

    Dwyer - Will make the roster and will replace redman as the work horse/short yardage back on the squad. I think redman will still see most of the carries but dwyer is capable of filling this role.

    Rainey - Will make the squad and produce on special teams in returns. He will see the field on passing downs and you may see him in a few running situations. Great player with excellent speed but a bit on the small side to carry the full load. May see him line up at wr in certain plays.

    Will Johnson - More athletic than david johnson. More upside and can be used in many more ways. Great player out of WVU.


    Wallace - Wallace will be there for camp and will be signed to a contract within the next few weeks. I cannot see the steelers letting him go for a few years. I would liek to see wallace improve his routes and see some more action over the middle.

    Brown - A great receiver that not many expected to be as good as he is. A former 6th round pick who blossomed last year and became one of bens favorite targets. Will see much more action this year and be covered more with safety help. One of my favs!

    Sanders - Coming off multiple injuries and surgeries to his feet, the fast and sure handed sanders will be in the final year of his contact. He will need to prove that he can remain healthy and to show he is worthy of another contract. I really like sanders and he has great hands. Look for him to produce in the slot but he can play all three receiver positions.

    Cotchery - The veteran receiver who replaces Ward as the old guy. A dependable backup Wr who will split time with sanders. May see him on more running downs also because of his blocking skill and size.

    Maze/Clemons - This will be the battle for the final spot. Maze is an undersized wr who excels mostly in special teams. Clemons is a raw prospect who has good size and speed but may not provide enough to make this team. My pick will be Clemons based on his size and upside.


    Miller - Will be back and you will see him targeted more due to the o-line make over. A great player who provides great leadership.

    Saunders - Suspended for the first four games for illegal substance use, will see action as soon as he returns. A player who was suspended from college and who went through many issues, will be a great player for the steelers. First round talent that slipped to the steelers while they try to rehab him into a better person and player.

    Pope - Will make this team because his salary is not to high and he is a former player of Haley. A huge target but a better blocker.


    Gilbert - A former 2nd round pick who played well as a rookie. Will stick to RT and provide many years at that spot.

    Adams - A 2nd round pick who will get the chance to start this year as a rookie. Speculation on him was pretty bad around draft time and the steelers had him off their board after a drug test failed for him. A great athlete who needs to build some more strength but will start this season.

    Starks - Was brought back but will start on the PUP. He is still rehabbing but is ready to go once he is off that list.

    Belchum - Will make the roster due to versatility. He is one of this years 7th rd picks and he was a great LT for SMU.


    Pouncey - Fully healthy after many naggin ankle injuries last year. Will provide the leadership a young line needs to produce in the nfl

    Legursky - Will be the primary backup and is a reasonable player for the guard spot also.


    Decastro - It will take some time for decastro but he will be the best player on this line next to pouncey. He will start this year but have some rookie mistakes along the way. Look for him to be a great addition to this line.

    Colon - A former T who will move inside. He is one of bens bf's and he will try a new position where I think he will be better suited. He is a major liability due to his recent injuries the past two seasons.

    Foster - A good backup who could start at G or T in a pinch.

    Essex - A good backup who could start at G or T.

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    Interesting thread and welcome to the board! Do you think there will be any other battles besides #5 WR? Perhaps Rainey v Batch for 3rd down back?
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    Its a battle but I see it more as who will see the field more on third down. Short yardage batch for sure. Can block and possess the skills to pickup the yardage. He can also catch the ball pretty well. I see Rainey more of the type who we would see on third and long. It can be a toss up. I think we will see a lot this year from these two backs.

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    since Weslye Saunders is ineligible for the first 4 games of the season I believe David Paulson makes the original 53-man roster and then is placed on the practice squad upon Saunders' return.

    I also think David Johnson beats out Will Johnson for the FB spot...

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    Would not surprise Chadman to see David Johnson win the FB/3rd TE job due to Saunders suspension. This would allow the team to keep either an extra LB, DE or most LIKELY- a FS (Damon Cromartie-Smith) for the first 4 weeks of the season.
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    Welcome to the planet. It is a tradition around here for new posters to have much ado, so you need to go back and fix that.

    Give us your take on the defense.
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    Great post and welcome. I'll take the following exceptions:

    Beachum is not an OT, he was alrerady moved to OG in OTAs because of his lack of length and quickness

    I don't think you need a 5th WR because Rainey can double there. I'd keep another RB space beacuse Mendy will be back at some time and put Maze/Clemons on the PS.

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    Welcome to the Planet.

    I am not sure if Kevin Beachum makes the team. The only way i think he can make the team if he is a Long Snapper.

    Chris Rainey makes the team as a WR/KR/PR.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel View Post
    since Weslye Saunders is ineligible for the first 4 games of the season I believe David Paulson makes the original 53-man roster and then is placed on the practice squad upon Saunders' return.

    I also think David Johnson beats out Will Johnson for the FB spot...
    Suspended players still count against the 53 man roster, though (players on PUP do not).

    If Roquan Smith falls to late teens, trade 1.28 & 2.60 to SEA for 1.18 & 4.120:

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    3.92 FS Jessie Bates
    4.120 RB Royce Freeman
    5.148 DT Ken Norton
    5.165 TE Chris Herndon
    7.220 WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling
    7.246 OT Brett Toth

    If not:

    1.28 LB Leighton Vander Esch
    2.60 C/G Billy Price
    3.92 FS Jessie Bates
    5.148 DT Ken Norton
    5.165 TE Chris Herndon
    7.220 RB Ito Smith
    7.246 WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling


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