On the NFL channel they had the 2002 Wildcard game Steelers vs Browns. There were a lot of players I forgot about or would like to forget about along with how young some of our current and not so current players were at the time. Players like May, Mathis, Plaxico, Fu, Amos and obviously Ward. Seeing the Bus sit the bench in favor of Amos and Fu, wow !
I used to yell at the screen when May was on the field, can't remember what irked me about him but, I do remember yelling at him. TE Tauman was having a good game and I always thought he was a good TE/Receiver and managed to find the open spots. It was funny to see such a young Hines Ward and how the annoucers were not exactly building him up as they have done it his later years. Seeing Kiesel on the sidelines as a backup and looking so young ten years ago.
Watching Lee Flowers being out of position, no cover skills and seeing Gildon playing like he is wearing a bodycast. Hank Poteat, Dewayne Washington, Deshea getting the start because Scott was out.wow ! How the team evolved past those days. Tommy gun hung in there and brought the team back even with Simmons as a rookie making mistakes and getting beat a couple of times.
Mularkey the OC but, I never noticed who was our defensive cord at the time while watching the rerun. What suprised me the most was the horrible punter we had on the team and I think his last name was Ruin from the Broncos. The guy couldn't punt the ball 35 yards it seemed.
I seen a lot of young players on that 2002 team that eventually made it to our last one or two Super Bowls and have given us a lot of good football over the years. It gets me excited to think what our young guys will add to the Steelers future.
And further more, seeing that team I used to get excited about makes me even more excited because our current team has tons more talent than many succesful teams of the past.