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Thread: He's BAAAACK

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    Well, Todd's first opportunity to be an O.C. was under Whis...prior to that, he worked primarily with the WR's for the Jets, Bears, and Cowboys. When they both arrived in Arizona in 2007, Ken was a first time H.C. with O.C. experience and Todd was a first time O.C., so it would make sense that Whis would work hand-in-hand with Haley when creating his first playbook. I would imagine many of those basic offense principles he picked up from Whis would have followed Haley to K.C. and now Pittsburgh.
    Good call, thanks for the insight.

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    I have no problem if we see shades of Whiz this season. His gameplans were head and shoulders above BA's.


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