I have to agree or at least I'm that same kind of person. When I know something is wrong , I don't let it drop. If it was me that heard about this and I had the opportunity to tell the higher ups or to phone the police, I would in a heart beat. Just the way I am, I wouldn't let it drop because I would be doing the follow up with questions like, " what are you doing about this, do you have the evidence, shouldn't more be happening, are you not going to keep this guy away from the children until you know it's safe , what's taking so long, I can't stand to see this person around children or the campus, if more isn't done soon I will need to take further steps.
Also, to me the entire school dropped the ball with Sandusky when, they knew he was showering with little kids. It's not normal to shower with kids be it sports or whatever, it should have been a red flag from that point. I doubt my kids have ever seen me with my shirt off unless we were swimming and I haven't been in the pool or the ocean since I was single. It was wrong all the way from the start.
Here's another thing too. We all know the right thing to do was to tar and feather Sandusky from the start but, Paterno, the college and anyone that knew about this from the start could have been hero's had they just come out with it from the start. I would have been very proud of Paterno and the college or whomever that would have done the right thing. No, they allowed these kids to get brutalized for life all in the name of trying to want a clean image.
Joe's not here to defend himself and I'll give him the benifit of doubt that he did turn the matter over to whomever but, it was not enough and it should have sickened him to the point that, he should have done a lot more.