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Thread: As of yesterday, this is all that remains of the Civic Arena

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    As of yesterday, this is all that remains of the Civic Arena

    I visited the 'Burgh yesterday as a result of restarting my job search and attempting to relocate back there with my family (long story but it's back on). Anyway, in between interviews I had a chance to head up Sixth Avenue and see what was left of the old arena. I had last seen it in person in February, and it at least had some of what was the main structure left back then. Knowing the recent demolition progress, I knew there wouldn't be much left, but I wanted to see it regardless.

    So, after heading up a few blocks from the parking garage (I remembered why I didn't like working downtown after that ordeal) I saw the old site. Sure enough, not much left. In fact, the only thing I could see was the pole for Gate 3. Like I said, I knew that it was pretty much all gone, but I still couldn't help feel a bit sad. I haven't been to Consol for any events yet, and I'm sure I'll enjoy it when I do. With that said, it's always tough when some part of your past is really gone forever. I had the chance to see several Pens games there (my Dad was at game 2 of the '92 finals, lucky guy), concerts, and other events, so I'm glad I had the chance to say goodbye.

    Anyway, here's hoping I'll be able to take the family there soon if we're there full time, but that remains to be seen. I'll keep you posted. If I do, I guess I'll have to change my name on here.
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