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Thread: Direct TVoffering free NFL package

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    Direct TVoffering free NFL package

    I know this has been asked before but my Uverse contract with ATT is up and the new rates are expensive. I'm seriously thinking about getting Direct TV since they have the NFL package for free... any drawbacks, horror stories or negative reviews? I love going to Steeler Bars to watch the games but I'd probably save a good $300 to $400 dollars by staying home. I know they are fighting with Viacom right now so I won't get to watch MTV, BET, Comedy Channel or VH1 bot hopefully that gets resolved soon...

    Is the HD quality good? Are preseason games included? I was at a bar during the NBA playoffs and the rain knocked the feed out... does this happen a lot?

    Appreciate the feedback.

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    Normally rain doesn't knock it out. If anything, in a bad storm you'll lose the HD, but still have the SD duplicates. We have had one storm this year that knocked out both, now I'll never know how the Matrix ends.

    I've had TWC, Dish Network, and Direct TV. Much happier with Direct TV than the others. I just wish they'd settle with Viacom and bring back my Tosh.O
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    I've installed satellites for years and its every bit as good as cable. Storms can knock out the reception, but only if its a monster of a storm. It really depends on the quality of the install. The weaker the signal, the easier it gets knocked out. HD quality is the same for every major provider.
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    I'm not a Directv fan. I had been a customer for over 5 years, upgraded 4 years into the service to HD/DVR. I was not told that would re-up my contract. When I tried to stop my service...they tried to charge me 400 dollars to cancel my service. That is how they rewarded my loyal patronage.

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    Got my DTV last year, couldn't love it more. I got the Ticket free last season, and am getting it for 149 this year. I didn't miss a game last season and with my new Sharp Quattron TV, the picture was stunning. I can't wait for the season to start. YOOHOO

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    I've been with DirecTV since 1997. I've always hated cable. Horrible customer service. I'm sure cable has improve since then but even just a few years ago, we had internet from cable and it went out a LOT more than DirecTV ever went out. And when cable went out, it was out for days, not 5 minutes.

    I'm quite happy with DirecTV. In the fierce storm we had on the East coast a few weeks ago, I think our signal was out for maybe 10 minutes. Otherwise, I can't remmeber the last time it was out for more than a few minutes and even that's rare. And I can't live without NFL Sunday Ticket. I've had plenty of attractive offers from Verizon FIOS but I have no need to change and simply won't part with NFL Sunday Ticket.

    Anytime I've ever had any kind of problem with DirecTV, their customer service has always done something to make it right. I have no complaints with their customer service. And regarding the comment on early termination, it's no different than your cell phone. Anytime you upgrade, you're entered into a new contract that has an early termination fee. They should make this perfectly clear at the time of the upgrade but that's probably one issue with a company as big as DirecTV - communication. As with many things, it's up to the buyer to ask the right questions or research ahead of time.

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    Well I am quite torn here. Our local cable is excellent for the last 10 yrs (I can only remember one time having it go out for a day...and they gave us a credit!) The package with high speed internet is very reasonable but I am debating the DTV install just for NFL ticket. Two years ago we were lucky enough that the Browns played at different times than the Steelers so I got to see many Steeler games. Last year didn't work out as well.
    I am a little worried about becoming a 'football junkie' and my wife a football widow when I should be enjoying the outdoor fall weather...

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    Going on 6 years with Direct TV and the NFL Package. I would never not have it.

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    NorthCoast, That is why they make DVR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    NorthCoast, That is why they make DVR. are not making it any easier on me Shawn!


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