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Thread: Bengals defend $10-per-ticket pep rally

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    Bengals defend $10-per-ticket pep rally

    Bengals defend $10-per-ticket pep rally

    Posted by Mike Florio on July 9, 2012

    There are actually three certainties in life: death, taxes, and the Bengals being accused of being cheap.

    The latest example of Cincinnati parsimony arises in connection with the decision to hold training camp at the team’s facility, for the first time ever — a move driven in whole or in part by, you guessed it, cost.

    To commemorate the event, the team has invited season-ticket holders to a pep rally and concert at Paul Brown Stadium. But the tickets aren’t free; they cost $10 each. has criticized the Bengals of “squeezing out a few bucks” from their most loyal fans. Bengals spokesman Jeff Berding takes issue with that characterization, according to Janice Morse of the Cincinnati Enquirer.

    Berding pointed out that the event will cost the team “north of six figures” for a band, fireworks, security, and other expenses. Berding also explained a “focus group” said that the fee was no big deal.

    “I think most people think this is a pretty neat thing,” Berding said.

    The question isn’t whether it’s “neat”; the question is whether there’s a way to do this without soaking $10 out of everyone who attends. Especially since the franchise has soaked millions out of the taxpayers in putting together one of the sweetest sweetheart deals that any NFL team enjoys.


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    There are so many issues at play here that it is a mess. The team sucking for so long, the lame egos all leaving, the gangster culture (at least perceived) there, the tax expenses of the city, the ownership having respectability issues with the city, on and on and on......

    I get the feeling that if they won a SB it would be criticized by that fan base.
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    The only issue is the pep rally. If the team thinks its too expensive to throw one as a gesture to the fans, don't throw one.
    What they should do is make the rally free and sell some stupid pep rally tshirts.

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    The Steelers don't charge for the draft day fan fest at Heinz Field. The Steelers don't charge admission to training camp in Latrobe.


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