First and foremost, someone out of the trio of Allen, Brown, and Lewis have to step up and win the starting CB spot. Given the league is pass heavy, we really need 2 of the 3 to step up and become starters because a nickle is almost the base defense nowadays.

But what I've been thinking about it our safeties are a liability in coverage. Both Troy and Clark are good players. Even great. But collectively, they aren't the best in coverage.

Could one of the young guys like Allen or Brown play FS? And could they be a long term upgrade at the position?

I think Allen's the best prospect of the 3 young corners to make the conversion. He's big enough to lock down a TE. He's fast enough to cover a lot of ground. And he's got some size. And I think he'd have the most upside of the 3 at FS.