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Thread: Planet Steelers Fantasy Football league

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    Shivakamini Somakandarkram!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    lmao, I finally got caught up watching "The League". Hilarious stuff.

    Congratulations, Ruthless!

    Although your face is stupid, you dress funny, and you smell like the Dawg Pound.
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    The big question for next year now is...

    Which of my incredible value players do I tag as my Keeper?

    RGIII in, IIRC, the 14th round? (I suppose this will become 7th round due to the 5 rounds of value rule)
    Julio Jones again in the 8th?
    Doug Martin in the 5th? That one still stings.

    Oh wait...I know. Adrian Peterson in the 2nd. Yeah, I think I'll take that one

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    Congrats Ruthless!

    Even though I lost, I'll be happy with 2nd place - it beats being dead last like I was the year before.

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    We doing this again? I couldnt find the other thread. I have a title defense campaign


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