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This year sucked. I would like to take this opportunity to blame Ryan Mathews for sucking donkey balls. I would also like to blame myself for drafting Vick instead of a decent QB (I really thought he'd go off this year). But mainly, I would like to blame D ROCK for destroying any chances I had of making the playoffs by undermining my resolve and tricking me into that horrible trade. IT'S ALL ON YOU MAN! Next year, The Doodie Balls will have vengeance! (and you can tell just by the sound of it that that ain't pretty)

To the six that made the playoffs, you're stupid and I hate you.
Don't be so hard on ol' D Rock...he's a kind fellow...after all, he gave me Drew Brees, Doug Martin, and Brandon Pettigrew for Philip Rivers, Benjarvis Green-Ellis, and Jason Witten.