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Thread: Pens ink Crosby through 2024-2025

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    Pens ink Crosby through 2024-2025

    We should have flying cars by the time he signs his next extension.

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    Sorry, he didn't quite sign it yet. He agreed to the terms.
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    When he finishes that contract "The Kid" will be older than I am right now (and I have a son in middle school).

    The best news is that his cap hit won't change one iota. $8.7 million per year. I sure am glad he didn't choose Gretzky's number. Sid really did take another below market value deal in order to build a quality team around him. Hopefully his good friend Zach Parise (and Parise's good friend Ryan Suter) are willing to accept the money that Crosby left on the bargaining table come Sunday.

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    I can't believe he was willing to take the same average annual salary as his last contract. That's an incredible commitment to team building and speaks a lot to what Crosby values.

    I've hesitated in the past to invest in anything memorabilia of Crosby just because everyone else has jerseys and the cost of autographs is so high, but this seals it for me. I need to get something signed by this guy.


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