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Thread: Should Steelers Give Kicker Jeff Reed Another Chance?

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    Yes.. Bring in skippy for competition. Skippy vs. Sushi. Give the kickers something to do in camp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eich View Post
    Have you watched how opposing offenses attacked them differently in the 4th quarter?
    So offense's can adjust but LeBeau can't? This has been going on since he RETURNED in 2004.

    You would think after 8 years that the alleged "Mad Scientist" can go his lab and think of SOMETHING, no?

    You say everyone gives the defense a pass and blames the offense but all you do is the exact opposite.

    Um, no. I stated BOTH Arians and LeBeau should have been fired.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phillyesq View Post
    Crash, I dislike Suisham as much as the next guy, but if Reed is still a capable NFL kicker, why was he unemployed last year?
    Suisham was cut by 5 NFL teams when the Steelers picked him up out of desperation. Kickers float around, team to team, all the time. The kicking position is odd.

    Maybe he has lost it but to not even bother checking does not seem prudent. Hell, Sweed had bad hands, was a mental case, and never did anything good for the Steelers and got chance after chance. Can't bring in JR to see if he's turned it around?

    If he made the team and kicked a 45 yarder to win a game; I'd fly back to Pittsburgh and help him destroy any Sheetz he wanted....

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    Nothing wrong with bringing Reed back in for a shot but geez... how is he still struggling on kick offs when they moved it up?

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    Reed>>> yeah.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    Reed>>> yeah.
    Reed = Frat boy jacka$$ NO!!!!!!
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    No. He is damn poor at kickoffs. He won't be able to kick the ball in endzone even from 50 yard line.

    Also he plays football like a girl. Has he learnt how to tackle? I know its not his primary responsiblity but i keep getting nightmares the way Reed tried to tackle or NOT tackle during kickoffs.

    His FG % was not so good during his last year. Steelers lost to Chicago courtesy Reed's missed FG. He is not automatic anymore.Get a young kicker instead.
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    He was automatic when he left Pittsburgh. 9 of 10.

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    In other news, 42 year old Josh Miller looking to be a punter again.

    Miller was quoted saying "One of my Pez dispensers could do more damage in Sheetz than Jeff Reed."

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    Reedemption. Give an opportunity, but not a gift. We need more reliable FGs. Also need better results on KOs than what he produced preSheetz.


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