We all know that Isaac Redman will start the season as the lead dog in the backfield and that Mendy will probably start the season on the PUP list but my question is what do you think will happen besides those two?? There is a lot of players in the race that can and might contribute. You have Jonathan Dwyer and John Clay who to me are pretty much the same guy. Each has their own qualities here and there but overall they are pretty comparable. You have Baron Batch who was a camp sensation last season and has decent size and speed, he could again impress and provide a good quality 3rd down back to replace Mewelde. Then we drafted Chris Rainey who could bring an explosiveness to the Steelers backfield that we have not witnessed in a long time, plus he provides the ability to split out and offer different options. So who do we keep?? How many do we keep?? I think four probably make it out of camp with Mendy on the PUP list so a decision will have to be made again in week 6. Precamp......I'm going like this:

Redman - obviously the lead guy to start the season and may possibly top 1000 yards depending on Mendy.
Dwyer - had some impressive moments last season in the short time he played. Gives the team a brawler.
Batch - a possible upgrade from MM as the 3rd down back with improved speed and quality blocking abilities.
Rainey - a guy that could contribute to the Steelers more in year one than most of us think with his versatility.

Clay is the odd man out to me right now but I've obviously not seen any of these guys in action since January. I would say that the last spot comes down to him and Dwyer and I feel Dwyer offers more speed than Clay so he is my choice. Let me know how you guys look at it???