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When we cut ties with Stapleton, he was only 24 years old (same age as Marcus Gilbert and rookie Chris Rainey are now).

When we cut ties with Hartwig, he was only 31 years old (same age as Troy Polamalu is now).

They were each on our roster for one more season after starting in SBXLIII before we sent them packing, and neither signed anywhere again after that.

When we cut ties with Kemoeatu he was only 29 years old (same age as Willie Colon and Heath Miller are now).

Training camps open at the end of next month, and he's still without a team. If he was in high demand, someone would have brought him in prior to OTA's and minicamps. His only shot of getting invited to a camp at this point would be if a team had a rash of injuries at guard.
As you said no one wants them. Stapleton and Hartings were let go because they were nothing more than mediocre and really started the mediocre interior line play that troubled us for the past several years. They were cut and the rest of the NFL wasn't interested that is why they retired. Kemo never developed into what he was capable of and had to be cut.

Hopefully with DeCastro and Colon at Guard teaming with Pouncey we can once again see dominant interior line play similar to when we had Faneca, Hartings and Simmons (pre-diabetes). We have had mediocre players in there for way to many years to the point we actually thought they were OK.