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Thread: Do We Currently Have the Best Group of WRs in Steelers History?

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    The '74 group was better 1-2, though IIRC, Swann and Stallworth weren't the 1-2 WRs in '74...

    The '79 group was awesomeas well, though Cunningham and Grossman were listed as TEs...

    But, 1-4 that '95 group was pretty good...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel View Post
    I'll go with the 1974 group of WRs as being the best ever:

    1) John Stallworth
    2) Lynn Swann
    3) Ron Shanklin
    4) Frank Lewis
    Maybe this current group will get there, but they ain't there yet, IMO.

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    We are looking pretty darn strong at wr, but it's too hard to compare because of the different supporting casts. Take qb alone. What if Ben was throwing to stallworth/lipps/Sweeney/Thompson instead of Malone/Woodley/Campbell in 85 or substituting a rookie bubby for Woodley in 86?

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    I can't rank this set of WR as the best until they perform clutch in big moments. Ward had clutch moments as did Stallworth and obviously Swann. The biggest clutch play that the current WR set has had is Antonio Brown catching that bomb when it was 3rd and 19 against the Ravens. The "best" in anything make big plays in big time moments. I need to see more from this group.

    On a positive note, our WRs are loaded with talent.

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    Our WR group was pretty impressive in 2009 when Santonio had 79-1248-15.8-5, Hines had 95-1167-12.3-6, and a rookie named Mike Wallace had 39-756-19.4-6 (not to mention that it was Heath's most productive year from a pass catching perspective with 76-789-10.4-6). Of course, there really was no #4 wideout that year (Tyler Grisham, Limas Sweed, and Stefan Logan had 1 catch each), it is difficult to compare against other WR foursomes.

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    This group is the best in history of this team when its all said and done.


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