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I wouldn't say that Batch is "a little bit bigger" than Rainey. He's 30 POUNDS bigger, with completely different body types. One is meant to be a responsible 3rd down back (needs to be able to protect his QB via blocking, run draw plays, catch screen passes, and run hard to get to the sticks), while the other is more of a scatback/slot receiver/special teams maven (think Eric Metcalf 2.0).

A difference of 30 lbs. gets you from Danny Hrapmann to Ike Taylor to Rashard Mendenhall to Heath Miller to Brett Keisel to Willie Colon to Alameda Ta'Amu. A difference of 30 lbs. would also get me in shape again, but that's beside the point.
Just to make it clear how different the 2 are.

BB is roughly the size of Curtis Martin. He's not only built to be a 3rd round back. He's built big enough to carry the load as an every down back. He's not small by any means. Short, yes, but he's a decent sized RB.

CR is roughly the size of Wes Welker. He's built to be a returner, scat back, slot WR. And he's got unique change of direction I don't think I've ever seen in a college kid. His brother was an incredible athlete. CR is an athletic freak.

I can see situations where you can have both of these guys on the football field at the same time and they'll be a headache for defenses to deal with. Just think about your 5 skill players being Wallace, Brown, Sanders, Rainey, and Batch. I'm not sure you can defend all 5 of those guys.