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Thread: Early news out of Mini-icamp

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel View Post
    MarkKaboly_Trib via twitter:

    Keep an eye on #Steelers rookie CB Terry Carter. Coaching staff really high on him.

    Seems there is a different opinion on page 1. From Jim Wexall's comments:

    "As for Frederick, all I can say is that he and undrafted rookie Terry Carter play as a CB tandem way down on the depth chart and Frederick is smaller but more polished, and, frankly, better."

    But, this is what makes these comments interesting.

    The real reason for this post is I have been seeing several posts here and there saying how the poster had never had any use or interest in tweets. But, then said these OTA/mini camp sessions were perfectly suited for those short and to the point tweets . I had to agree with them. I suppose and would hope it carries over into the TC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D Rock View Post
    Agree and disagree. A lot of college classes are huge lectures - if that's what he was ignoring to learn the playbook then I don't care at all. I skipped a ton of classes and did plenty of not-paying-attention in college because I was paying to be there and I can do what I want as long as I don't interrupt the class. Adams wasn't really paying to be there most likely though (scholarships) so he probably should have paid attention out of respect to the school and people paying his way.

    And seriously...when you have a reputation like don't talk about 'checking out', even if the reason is that you were too excited about the next step in your life. I completely understand as a student the whole feeling of being over a class and not caring any more, but you don't tell the media that you checked out.
    I can completely relate to Adams. You go to school to get a job. If you have a job before school is finished, you're checked out. College served it's purpose. Move on to the next thing.

    Actually schools and colleges and education are one of the biggest scams going. Now we've got the internet and education is essentially free to anyone that wants it. You don't even have to leave your house to go to the library anymore. Higher education should be free as should K-12. Stop wasting so much money on stuff that doesn't matter.

    The US needs to get its head out of its butt and innovate. Adams is clearly ahead of Decastro mentally. Adams is a renaissance man. Probably a little high too, but that's beside the point and doesn't fit my soap box support of Adams

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    Pouncey: Summer won’t be a breeze

    By Scott Brown
    Published: Thursday, June 14, 2012

    Maurkice Pouncey had a message for Steelers rookies at the end of minicamp.

    “Just train, man, just be ready because training camp goes fast,” the Steelers’ All-Pro center said Thursday. “You don’t know how quick it goes.”

    The time between now and the start of training camp also may seem like it moves at warp speed.

    The players who finished offseason practices yesterday have a little less than six weeks before they report to St. Vincent College in Latrobe. While players quickly scattered yesterday after an abbreviated practice at the Steelers’ South Side headquarters, they’ll hardly enjoy a long break even though they are off until July 25.

    Many of players train even harder before the start of camp.

    “The month of July, for me, is really four months of getting training camp ready,” said defensive end Brett Keisel, who is entering his 11th NFL season. “That’s the time to get myself cranked up, start working out twice a day for some of our two-a-days (practices).”

    LaMarr Woodley said he will take a long weekend and then start training in Michigan with teammates Larry Foote and Ryan Mundy.

    “I’ll be right back at it on Monday,” the outside linebacker said.

    • The Steelers have until the end of today to reduce by more than $2 million a one-year contract offer to Pro Bowl receiver Mike Wallace. Wallace skipped every offseason practice and has yet to sign a one-year, $2.7 million contract the Steelers offered him as a restricted free agent. The Steelers are unlikely to exercise the option that allows them to trim the offer to $577,500, as they hope to sign Wallace to a long-term deal. Wallace has averaged more than 1,000 yards receiving in his first three seasons, and he caught 72 passes for 1,193 yards and eight touchdowns last season.

    • The Steelers hadn’t practiced for more than 15 minutes yesterday before coach Mike Tomlin ended the final session of the offseason and dismissed the team for the summer. The highlight was a throwing competition between quarterbacks Byron Leftwich and Troy Smith. Leftwich launched a pass 71 yards, beating out Smith, whose throw came in at 68 yards. “Troy has a cannon,” Leftwich said, “but I have a bigger one.” Smith had beaten outside linebacker Lawrence Timmons in a similar competition a couple weeks ago, and Tomlin matched the former Heisman Trophy winner against Leftwich yesterday. “Mike Tomlin Don Kinged-it,” Leftwich said. “He signed me up for the fight, and I didn’t know I was up for the fight.”


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    Kovacevic: Of Big Ben, big men, scatbacks

    By Dejan Kovacevic
    Published: Friday, June 15, 2012,

    Mini-thoughts, mini-observations of the Steelers' minicamp that concluded Thursday on the South Side ...

    • For all the buzz about Big Ben's pending mini-Roethlisberger and the resultant change in his life, the best change I noticed over the three weeks of OTAs and minicamp was this: He pouted less with each passing day about Todd Haley's playbook.

    Roethlisberger conceded Wednesday he initially was troubled by having to switch after eight years in the NFL, and his comment was telling: "That was it early on."

    See the past tense?

    Here's hoping he keeps it that way.

    • Actual visible, audible signs of friction between Roethlisberger and Haley these past three weeks: Zero.

    • The playbook won't take center stage until preseason, but the best early way to describe it is that it will be all things to all people. Expect Haley to show opponents a lot of different looks, formations, even personnel sets.

    And expect that no one will love this more than Heath Miller. Haley loves to soften up the middle, and few in football do that better than No. 83.

    "The more we spread the ball around and get everyone involved, the more difficult, in my mind, we would be to defend," Miller said. "I don't sit around and crave catching 100 balls. I just want to win."

    That doesn't need to be mutually exclusive.

    • Anyone placing Emmanuel Sanders ahead of Jerricho Cotchery on the wide receiver depth chart should do so in pencil.

    • James Harrison opened OTAs declaring himself healthy, then stayed off the field for most of the past three weeks. The new issue was fluid on the knee, which doesn't sound serious. But the old issue, the wonky back, still hasn't been silenced.

    You OK with Jason Worilds replacing him?

    Me neither.

    • Favorite guy to watch - and there wasn't a close second - was fifth-round scatback Chris Rainey. He's barely big enough to ride the Thunderbolt - 5-foot-9 - but blazes out of the Steelers' backfield like no one since Willie Parker.

    Haley will find a way to use this weapon.

    • Some of those plays could be screens, even mid-range passes. Rainey made a ridiculous one-handed grab Tuesday that looked like it might tear his shoulder from its socket.

    Sticky gloves?

    "Naw, man," he explained, with a grin. "Soft hands."

    • Non-issue of the month: Mike Wallace.

    What was he going to do, accept a $2.72 million tender while negotiating a long-term contract that could quadruple that?

    If he blows off St. Vincent, that's meaningful.

    • Feel free to share any doubts about Isaac Redman as a feature back with Redman himself. It couldn't possibly be anything an undrafted free agent out of Bowie State hasn't heard.

    "Bring it on," Redman told me on a shared bench the other day. "I believe in myself. This is my time."

    • You do realize that Jonathan Dwyer is Redman's backup, right?

    He's 22 and has 25 career carries over two seasons.

    Just checking.

    • It's crazy that rookie left tackle Mike Adams is listed at 6-foot-7, 323 pounds but still looks like he needs to add bulk. Kid's built like a tight end.

    • Nice to see good guy Chris Hoke hanging around even after retirement, and better yet to see him at a svelte 247 pounds. His playing weight, just a few months ago: 305.

    Never underestimate a nose tackle's dietary ways.

    • One name you've probably never heard but will soon: Terry Carter, undrafted corner out of Louisiana Tech, had three seriously athletic picks Wednesday.

    Not like there isn't a need for some of that.

    • Don't worry about the lost leadership with James Farrior's retirement. The real leader all along has been Mike Tomlin, and that isn't about to change.

    When a hard rain chased the Steelers off the field Tuesday, only 15 minutes remained in that final session, anyway.

    No big deal, right?

    To Tomlin it was: He ordered everyone to change to indoor shoes, then sent them across the parking lot to the bubble to complete the session.

    For 15 minutes.

    • Next time you'll see the football club will be at maxicamp. Only 40 days until Latrobe.


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    What is Pouncey wearing on his legs? It looks like the pants that my wife wears to the gym.

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    I dare you to say that to his face, Ruthless! LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    What is Pouncey wearing on his legs? It looks like the pants that my wife wears to the gym.

    Are my eyes playing tricks on me or does Pouncey barely look bigger than Ben?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flippy View Post
    Are my eyes playing tricks on me or does Pouncey barely look bigger than Ben?
    I also noted how small Pouncey looks in the "Pouncey, Rainey on same team again" thread. In a picture on that thread, it looks like Clark Haggans came back to reclaim his old #53.


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    Pittsburgh Steelers Set Sights on Training Camp After Completing an Injury Free Mini-Camp

    June 14th, 2012
    By Mark Mihalko

    Today, the Pittsburgh Steelers completed their final session of the 2012 mandatory mini-camp. In fact, the team ended their practice early as Head Coach Mike Tomlin decided to give his team a breather and laughs, featuring the much anticipated completion of the throwing competition, which was won by quarterback Byron Leftwich (over Troy Smith) with a toss of 71-yards.

    Sure, it was a bit disappointing that there was no Mike Wallace or a hint at a resolution in his contract dispute. However, the biggest news to break at the end of mini-camp is the fact that the Steelers ended this three-day session without serious injury. Of course, there were some minor injuries that popped up, but the team appears to be heading into their last break before training camp ready to go work in Latrobe at the end of July.

    While this may not seem like exciting news, it should be viewed as such. One look around the league shows that serious injuries can and will pop up during these sessions, and they can affect the team for the entire season. Look at guard Willie Colon, who suffered an offseason Achilles tear two-years ago and missed the entire 2010 campaign, forcing the Steelers to scramble to find a starting caliber offensive lineman late in the offseason. That does not appear to be the case at this point this season.

    Couple that news with some of the positives that came out regarding some previously injured players, and this was a win-win set of practices for the Steelers; especially seeing recovering players such as nose tackle Casey Hampton working hard at rehab to be ready for the start of the season.

    With mini-camp over, the three biggest stories about the Steelers will all be in regards to contracts and it will be interesting to see how and when they play out. The one that is likely to be resolved first in the rookie contract for first round selection David DeCastro, which should be accomplished in the near future once some of the surrounding players sign. The next two will be more news worthy as they regard Head Coach Mike Tomlin and Wallace, and we imagine that a Tomlin extension is more likely than one for Wallace (although anything is possible).

    Now that mini-camp is over, the Steelers are off until they report to training camp at St. Vincent in Latrobe on July 25, 2012.



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