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Thread: Justin Blackmon blows 0.24 on a breathalyzer then pleads not guilty to aggravated DUI

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    Justin Blackmon blows 0.24 on a breathalyzer then pleads not guilty to aggravated DUI

    If your blood alcohol level is TRIPLE the legal limit to drive, how can you possibly plead not guilty?

    Justin Blackmon pleads not guilty to aggravated DUI
    Posted by Josh Alper on June 4, 2012, 3:45 PM EDT

    Many questions remain up in the air about Jaguars wide receiver Justin Blackmon in the wake of this weekendís arrest for aggravated DUI, but we now know that heís pleading not guilty.

    Blackmon entered the plea on Monday in Oklahoma, per Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union. It is a misdemeanor charge, which means jail time is unlikely for Blackmon. He could still face suspension or other punishment from the league, however, because he had a DUI while he was in college.

    Blackmon was arrested early Sunday morning and blew a 0.24 on a breathalyzer test, three times the legal limit in Oklahoma. He was also speeding, just as he was when he was arrested in 2010.

    The next hearing in the case is scheduled for July 24th. Thatís three days before the Jaguars are scheduled to open up training camp. Blackmonís case probably wonít interfere with his availability for camp, but thatís likely of little solace to the Jags at this moment.

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    Blackmon gives Khan first big challenge of NFL ownership

    Posted by Mike Florio on June 4, 2012

    Last week, Jaguars owner Shahid Khan got the first test of his tenure as owner of the team, thanks to a public pissing match with the City of Jacksonville.

    He hadnít seen anything yet.

    Khan now has to decide what to do with receiver Justin Blackmon, the fifth overall pick in the draft who consumed much more than a six-pack (allegedly) before getting behind the wheel of a car on Sunday morning.

    Khan has options. He can do nothing, deferring to the authorities first and, if Blackmon is convicted or pleads guilty (or no contest or enters a diversion program), the league office second. At the other end of the spectrum, Khan can renounce his rights to Blackmon ó which is almost as unlikely as Khan renouncing his rights to the franchise.

    In between those two extremes resides a range of possibilities. Khan can, as previously explained, insist on provisions in Blackmonís rookie deal that would erase future salary guarantees if Blackmon has any further incidents. Or Khan could insist on breaking from the slotting process, offering Blackmon a contract that represents a fair estimate of what he would receive based on where Blackmon would be selected if the draft were held today.

    Khan could take that mindset to another level, explaining to Blackmonís agent that the player will be offered a contract roughly worth what he would receive if he sits out a full year and re-enters the draft in 2012, inevitably being selected far lower than the fifth overall pick.

    Then thereís the possibility (albeit remote) of sending Blackmon to a new team, now. Under Article 6, Section 4(b) of the CBA, a drafted rookie who has not signed a contract may be traded until 30 days before the first game of the regular season. (This year, the deadline is August 6.) Of course, that approach would reflect the ultimate in buying high and selling low; few teams would give the Jaguars at this point anything equivalent to the value of the fifth overall pick in the draft.

    But it would send one hell of a message.

    Khanís choice, whatever it may be, will provide important insight into his views regarding the team he has purchased. Will winning overcome principal? Or will principal be massaged in a manner conducive to winning? A cynic may say that the final decision ultimately will be driven by the path most likely to sell tickets.


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    The Jags new owner looks like some odd amalgamation of Ron Jeremy and Snidely Whiplash.


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