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Thread: Ben: "We'll Be Running The Ball A Lot More, So Fans Should Be Happy"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crash View Post
    So run run pass is predictable, but yet you want to run MORE? That makes no sense.
    here's yet another reason why Bruce Arians had to go, his play calling was so damn predictable.

    on third down and 2 or less, the Steelers ran 19 times and passed 16 times. however, they never once ran from 3rd and 3, passing on all 19 such situations...

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    SB Nation Ranks Steelers RBs 30th in the NFL

    by Neal Coolong on Jul 22, 2012

    Apparently, SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber is not aware of Steelers RB Isaac Redman's power over time and space.

    He ranked the Steelers' running backs 30th of the 32 teams in the NFL recently, suggesting the possible absence of prize back Rashard Mendenhall will affect the team in a negative way.

    Mendenhall tore his ACL at the end of the regular season, and could begin the year on the PUP list, which would keep him out of the first six games of the year.

    Redman is the likely starter, and has done well in previous spot-starts in the past, including an impressive performance in a playoff loss in Denver.

    The depth behind Redman, though, is a secret strength of the Steelers, and it's one of the main training camp battles to watch beginning Thursday.

    Jonathan Dwyer and John Clay have logged carries during the regular season, and Baron Batch showed promise before tearing his ACL in training camp last year. Rookie Chris Rainey has great speed, and could be a contributor on special teams as well as a situational back on the offense.

    While the Steelers won't likely keep all five, it is possible they do, assuming Mendenhall misses the start of the year.

    That may not even happen, though, it's purely speculation.


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    Haley, Steelers are rushing to make a point

    By Mark Kaboly
    Published: Wednesday, August 8, 2012

    Steelers Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley during practice Aug. 5, 2012, on the South Side.

    How the Steelers’ run game fared last season:

    Category NFL rank

    Rush plays (42 percent) 16th

    Rush TDs (37 percent of offense) 8th

    Rush yards (32 percent of offense) 20th

    First-down runs (29 percent) 19th

    Todd Haley has heard plenty about needing to run the ball more since being hired as Steelers offensive coordinator six months ago.

    While agreeing with the premise, Haley would rather focus on something more precise than simply needing to call more runs.

    Haley is adamant the Steelers run the ball better in the most critical situations — when the opposition knows they will.

    “That’s the name of the game offensively,” Haley said. “You need to be able to get the yards that you need on the ground when the defense knows you are running, wherever that falls in the game — if it is a critical short-yardage or if it is a four-minute situation.”

    That’s what Haley hopes to see starting at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, when the Steelers open the preseason against Philadelphia at Lincoln Financial Field.

    The Steelers weren’t able to run when they wanted last season, which led to an offense ranking in the bottom third in scoring.

    It was partly because former offensive coordinator Bruce Arians fancied passing over running in third-down, short-yardage and four-minute situations. But it also was that the Steelers weren’t very good in those scenarios.

    The Steelers faced third-and-2 or less 35 times last season. They ran 19 times (converting 68 percent) and passed 16 times (converting 50 percent).

    When the situation was third-and-3, the Steelers threw all 19 times (converting 58 percent).

    Tackle Max Starks blamed the struggles on the offensive line not getting the job done and Arians’ offensive philosophy.

    “At the points they called certain plays, we might not exactly have been prepared for it, or we were expecting something else to be called, or we weren’t physically ready,” Starks said.

    “To be honest, we weren’t doing enough before then to make the defense respect the run. If we are passing the entire game, then when four minutes hit and we have to run it, it’s not going to happen.”

    The Steelers ran 29 percent of the time on first down last season, down nearly 12 percent from the year before, and ran 42 percent of the time overall (down 15 percent from 2007, Tomlin’s first season).

    Haley doesn’t necessarily want to run more than the Steelers did last season but would like to be more balanced to go with being effective in critical run situations.

    “We want to be able to run the ball when we have to throw it and throw it when we have to throw it,” Haley said. “That’s really a key in being a successful offense.”

    Haley put an emphasis on physicality within the offensive line so the unit would be more prepared for situations like short yardage and the final four minutes of the game.

    “Anytime the defense knows you are going to pound the ball and you are successful, that kind of takes away their heartbeat,” guard Willie Colon.

    “That’s what we want to do better this year, and we will do better this year.”


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    Quote Originally Posted by Crash View Post
    The Steelers were 10th in passing and 14th in rushing.

    That's balance.

    Again, if one won't admit to how only forcing 15 turnovers all year on defense affects offensive scoring in this NFL? Don't waste my time.
    Funny how ^^^^^ is now becoming an issue for Haley's supporters, where as Ben and BA got blamed for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crash View Post
    It's a valid question. Like I told you before, if you want close to 50% TOTAL, then there is no way you'd pay a QB $15 mil a year to hand off all day.

    It's not worth the cost. You'd be short-changing your own team.

    If you want a game manager, go pay Leftwich.
    And what's happening?

    Ben's leaving so Haley and Art can run the ball.

    As predicted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    No, I don't...if I wanted a "game manager", I would want the Steelers to run the ball 55-60% of the time...again, I don't...

    That's your opinion...I disagree...
    The Rooney's agree with me.

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    So, when is Ben leaving?
    Actually, my post was NOT about you...but, if the shoe fits, feel free to lace that &!+€# up and wear it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crash View Post
    If Haley wasn't from Pittsburgh who would care about him?

    Haley is Dick LeBeau's worst nightmare. Because now, if his 4th quarter scheme continues to blow? He'll be the one getting the heat because they won't dare bash the Yinzer.
    Hmmm.....right again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    So, when is Ben leaving?
    If not at the deadline? After the season.

    You have the Tampa game? Go look at his reaction when they took the lead.

    He's finally fed up. Haley has succeeded in what he was hired to do.

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    So, who will last longer: Ben with the Steelers? Or you on this board?

    I predict Ben will be with the Steelers longer...

    For the time being, welcome back, Crash.
    Actually, my post was NOT about you...but, if the shoe fits, feel free to lace that &!+€# up and wear it.


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