Some stuff:

--- There is one play for me that told me Isaac Redman can be a productive player for the Steelers, and that was the third-down, nine-yard TD catch he made in Baltimore on Dec. 5, 2010 that virtually clinched the AFC North Division. It helped the Steelers reach a Super Bowl.

Redman’s style will be more important to this offense as it tries to revive its running game. He also showed with that reception that he can catch a football in a tense spot over the middle.

--- I’ve always been a pretty good catcher . . . I can make guys miss after the catch,’’ Redman said Wednesday. “Hopefully that will open up our passing games.”

--- Redman also said things have changed for him these days back home in New Jersey, where he’s getting more respect.

“It’s a lot different. I’m having a football camp for youth [June 26 at Paulsboro High School]. In my neighborhood, I get a lot different treatment now when I’m home than when I was on the practice squad.”

--- Undrafted rookie receiver Marquis Maze was a playmaker at Alabama, but boy does he look small on that football field with the Steelers, who list him as 5-8, 186 pounds. Don’t know how the quarterbacks find him. Chris Rainey is listed as 5-9, 180. Is there a spot for two smurfs on the Steelers offense?

--- Jason Worilds always seems to have some minor injury holding him back. This should be his year to step up, although not as a starter. However, if an injury occurs, the Steelers need to turn to him to fill in on the outside and not take Lawrence Timmons from the inside.

--- If Trai Essex could make the conversation from tackle, where he played at Northwestern and the position for which the Steelers drafted him, then Willie Colon can do it.

--- James Harrison remains outspoken on a variety of topics and that should come as no surprise because of the position he plays. After all, his predecessors included Joey Porter and Greg Lloyd at right outside linebacker. It’s not been a spot for shrinking violets with the Steelers.

--- YOU: Dan Rooney, if he's coming back for good, will he be more involved with the team? Remember you said this guy attended Steeler practices for seventy years since he was a young kid.

ME: As long as Dan Rooney draws a breath, he will be involved with the Steelers. Being here instead of in Dublin, Ireland, I would say yes he’ll be more involved than he has been the past three years.