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Thread: Kelvin Beachum earns Master's Degree and delivers commencement address at graduation!

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    Kelvin Beachum earns Master's Degree and delivers commencement address at graduation!

    Seems to be another impressive 7th round pick in the Baron Batch mold.

    Beachum delivers commencement address
    Posted 15 hours ago

    Teresa Varley

    Life certainly has been good for Kelvin Beachum recently.

    The former SMU offensive lineman was drafted by the Steelers in the seventh-round a few weeks ago, helping him fulfill his dream of playing in the NFL.

    Then on Saturday, not only did Beachum receive his Master’s degree from SMU, but he also delivered the commencement address for his class at SMU’s Simmons School of Education & Human Development.

    “It was a tremendous honor,” said Beachum. “I didn’t know all of these things would be happening for me. Getting drafted, addressing your peers at graduation. It’s an honor, a privilege and something you could never plan for.”

    Beachum received his undergraduate degree in Economics from SMU and then continued his education earning his Masters in Liberal Studies with a concentration on organizational behavior in only 16 months.

    “I don’t know the statistics on how many people go into the NFL with their Masters, but to be able to succeed on the football field and in the classroom go hand in hand for me,” said Beachum. “You have to work hard on the football field and in the classroom just to be able to stay on the field.”

    It wasn’t easy for Beachum to find the perfect balance between football and his education, as football has been the dream and he wanted to keep that his main focus.

    “Football has always been my priority,” said Beachum. “My priorities are God, family and football. Football always came before school, even though I was a student-athlete. It was difficult to get to the Master’s degree and make sure I was caught up. I took on the challenges to make sure I was successful. My focus on football has never changed.

    “My goal was to finish my Masters now. I didn’t want to go to the NFL and have to think about when I could go back to school. I wanted it all done. When you are in school you have school and football. You have to take time for both. With the Masters being done I can go in and all of my time will now be devoted to football, something that I love and allow me to do what I need to do to be successful in the National Football League.”

    Beachum shared with his fellow students the importance of maintaining a strong will to succeed, being a positive example and overcoming challenges.

    “I love testing my will, I love challenges, and I love being a positive example,” Beachum said in his speech. “My will has been truly tested. I have tested it, and others have tested it. My will has become strong and this strength, I believe, has made me a better person, better able to tackle some big, tough things in life.

    “We have all faced challenges. I have faced many challenges. I have been told ‘you can’t, won’t, and shouldn’t.’ We have overcome past challenges to be graduating today. We will certainly be facing challenges in our futures.

    “A strong will and ability to face challenges helps me to be a positive example for others. Each of us is an example to others. Being a positive example is a choice, it takes a will to act. With a will to face challenges and be an example, I strived to achieve the unimaginable.”

    Beachum took great pride in having his family on hand to hear the speech. His father, Kelvin, Sr., had to halt his education after the eighth grade to lend a hand at home. His mother, Culetta, had him when she was 18 and didn’t finish her college degree until after he earned his undergraduate degree.

    “I am the first person in my family to graduate from college and get a Masters,” said Beachum. “There are a lot of emotions going on. My father (Kelvin, Sr.) graduated with an eighth grade education. My grandfather was blind so he had to stop his education to help make ends meet as a young teenager.”

    Beachum addressed the way his father tested his will as a young kid through sports, teaching him the importance of winning and losing.

    “When I think about my father, as a child, I often wondered why he would place me on a team that did not win regularly or not at all,” Beachum told him fellow graduates. “I was usually a part of teams with individuals of lesser talent, sub-par desire, and very poor work ethic. Always losing as a child was hard and frustrating. As I matured I asked my father, ‘Why did you always place me on teams that did not win?’ He said, ‘Kelvin, you have to learn how to lose before one can learn how to win.’”

    One thing is for sure, Beachum has learned how to be a winner.

    “For them to see their son grow up and say he was going to do something and do it, it’s everything they asked for,” said Beachum. “They always told us if you say you are going to do something, do it to the fullest of your abilities.”

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    My son's first Kansas Turkey!

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    Surely a guy with a Masters can long snap!!!!!!!!!

    Seems like a grounded young man. Type of person you hope makes the team.

    Kelvin--Please practice your long snapping. Practice. Practice. Practice.
    Playing Fantasy Football does not qualify you to be the in the front office or on the coaching staff of the Pittsburgh Steelers. They are professionals and you are not!

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    I second that motion. That would be huge, freeing up a roster spot. Sorry Gregg, but it's business. Not personal.

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    You gotta root for this kid !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Va Steelr View Post
    You gotta root for this kid !!!
    Agreed. For the "questionable character" types that some have criticized the team for, this is a really good egg that you'd like to see make it.

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    Steelers' Other Rookie Lineman Impressing

    By Jim Wexell -
    Posted Jun 13, 2012

    Kelvin Beachum is the Steelers' other rookie offensive lineman, but the team's final draft pick has impressed many in a short period of time.

    Trai Essex knows a smart, young player when he sees one. And he sees one in rookie Kelvin Beachum.
    “The kid is smart,” said Essex. “He came in right away and learned the playbook like that.”

    Essex snapped his fingers for effect, but wasn’t done talking about the left tackle/guard the Steelers drafted with their fourth pick of the seventh round.

    “And he’s talented,” Essex said. “He has some really long arms and has a really good set at tackle. He’s on the small side so they’ll probably move him inside. He’s probably going to have to be like me. He’s going to have to pick up the other positions real fast. I told him that’s one of the reasons I’ve been around here for eight years. He’s going to have to learn to play multiple positions and do it fast. He’s taken it to heart and is really working hard. I think he has a lot of potential.”

    Essex isn’t the only one who thinks that way. Beachum impressed the Steelers with his intelligence during OTAs when he worked as the second-team left guard. The appearance of first-round pick David DeCastro this week kicked Beachum to the third team, but Beachum bounced back up to second-team left tackle yesterday upon the absence of Marcus Gilbert.

    “He’s pretty bright. I think he could survive at Northwestern,” said Essex, a Northwestern man.

    Beachum laughed over the vet’s dig. He gets it.

    “Oh, you know, I pride myself on working hard,” Beachum said. “When I get in somewhere I do my best to get it, to find a way to get it, to understand it.

    “One thing about learning is not so much being able to engulf the information, but also be able to regurgitate it, to teach it to someone else. And that’s the part I’m aiming for right now. I’m not saying I know the offense completely, but I have a good grasp of it. But I still don’t have it like I want it, where I can teach it to somebody else.”

    The 6-3, 303-pound Beachum has a degree in Economics from SMU and a Master’s degree in Liberal Studies, which he earned thanks to cram sessions at the NFL combine.

    To stamp the occasion, the dean of the master’s program asked Beachum to give a commencement speech to his class at the Simmons School of Education. He was one of two asked to speak.

    “I talked about challenges, about testing your will,” Beachum said. “It was pretty simple, real straightforward, just some different things I had encountered while I was getting the Master’s, and then also some of the things I experienced in my childhood. I talked about my father a little bit.”

    Kelvin Beachum, Sr. runs an auto shop in Kelvin Jr.’s hometown of Mexia, Texas, located about 40 miles east of Waco in the middle of the state. Kelvin Jr. spoke of his dad’s “thriving business” in spite of an education that ended in the eighth grade.

    “When it’s all said and over with, I want to be an authority figure who’s also a role model for young African-Americans,” Beachum said. “Just being able to pave the way for people of all races and ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds to be successful in life, and I think I can do it as an authority figure. I’ve got the economic background to understand the money side of it, and then also the organization dynamics, which is what the Master’s was in – being able to handle big-time organizations, understanding the inner workings of how an organization works.”

    As an organization, the Steelers have always intrigued Beachum. “It’s the stability,” he said. “My grandparents on both sides have been married for over 45 years. They’re still alive. My dad and my mother have been married 24 years. I’m 23. We stayed in the same house – 205 West Walnut Street – for as long as I’ve been alive. Just stability; I love stability. I love structure.

    “I’m not saying I can’t change or I can’t adapt or I can’t develop, but having that structure the Steelers have here is what I love. I mean, we go out and practice and you know what you’re going to get from coach (Mike) Tomlin. We have one goal and that’s to win the Super Bowl. I love that and I can handle that. It’s very specific and right down to the point.”

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    The 6-3, 303-pound Beachum has a degree in Economics from SMU and a Master’s degree in Liberal Studies, which he earned thanks to cram sessions at the NFL combine.
    Another stark contrast to Mike Adams "checking out" of classes this semester, watching the film that Kugler sent him during class.

    I expect David DeCastro to be another Alan all-around great guard in this league.

    I expect Kelvin Beachum to be another Trai Essex...a smart, versatile backup option for us.

    I hope Mike Adams can become another Marvel Smith...another player who had well-documented weed issues in college but settled down to be a solid player in the pros...but I'm not expecting anything from him just yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post

    I expect Kelvin Beachum to be another Trai Essex...
    Is that a compliment

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    Quote Originally Posted by flippy View Post
    Is that a compliment
    For all the grief that Essex gets, he can back up all five positions, which has value. If Beachum can turn into another Essex, I would be thrilled.


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