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Thread: QB power rankings by division

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    QB power rankings by division

    QB power rankings by division


    5) AFC North

    1. [URL=""]Ben Roethlisberger[/URL], Steelers
    2. [URL=""]Joe Flacco[/URL], Ravens
    3. [URL=""]Andy Dalton[/URL], Bengals
    4. Brandon Weeden/[URL=""]Colt McCoy[/URL], Browns
    It was a tough call putting this group behind the AFC West QBs. Big Ben has two Super Bowl rings and is arguably the best in the league at extending the play. Last season, Flacco was a dropped pass away from making his Super Bowl debut, while Dalton would've been the talk of the league if not for Cam Newton's amazing rookie year. I'm not the biggest Weeden fan, but he does have size and a live arm.

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    I realize what the article is trying to do, but it does a poor job of supporting his opening contention that all of the good QBs are now in the NFC. Consider the top 4 QBs in each conference.

    Brees, Rodgers, E.Manning, Stafford = 4 SBs
    Brady, P.Manning, Roethlisberger, Rivers = 6 SBs

    Stats are nice. Lombardis are better.

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    Hard to argue with their list for their topic.
    Seems about right. Its top QB divisions, not best teams or even top QBs. Brady's division was 6th. But it has little to do with him and more about how bad the other 3 QBs are in that division.
    Its meaningless but fun enough in the offseason.


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