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Thread: Steelers Tried to Trade Up for Decastro

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    From what I heard, it was gonna be Hightower if DeCastro was gone- then when we went with DeCastro, NE moved up right away to get Hightower. Then B-more moved back... I think Seattle taking that guy from WV really helped us land DeCastro. That to me was a shocker...
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    Even though Irvin probably could have been had later, I have a feeling that he will turn out to be a very special player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    Even though Irvin probably could have been had later, I have a feeling that he will turn out to be a very special player.
    The whole reason that the Jets were willing to trade back was because both Irvin and Couples were available, and they could take either, as long as both were on the board. Since Seattle took Irvin, Jets had to stay in place to take Couples. If Seattle had taken Couples, therefore, The Jets would have stayed put and taken Irvin.
    I don't think Irvin was going to last as long as a lot of people think he was going to last. The Jets aren't the only other team that had Irvin as a first round talent, although the others were later in the first round.
    As much as people want to get on Seattle for taking Irvin when they did, if they hadn't he wouldn't have lasted to our pick at 24.

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    A snippet from the latest Steelers Digest which discusses what the prices were for moving up for DeCastro (I still get the actual paper and not the online version, so I actually have to type these paragraphs instead of cutting and pasting):

    DeCastro was so clearly the guy that the Steelers started the process of trying to trade up to make sure they got him. As they investigated that process, they were finding that the cost to move up was either a No. 3 plus a No. 5, or a No. 4 plus a No. 6, depending upon how high up in the round they decided to go. At one point, the price was a little high and then at another point a potential trading partner couldn't be found, and on top of it all teams were turning in their picks in rapid succession.

    Once the Patriots selected Jones, there were two picks remaining before the Steelers' turn, and both DeCastro and LB Dont'a Hightower were still on the board. Then when the Browns took Weeden, and the Detroit Lions immediately sent their card to the podium with OT Riley Reiff's name on it, the Steelers immediately followed by sending their card with DeCastro's name on it. The pick took literally a minute for the Steelers to make.

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    From the time Megatron announced the Lions pick until the Steelers pick was turned in? It took 31 seconds....LOL

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    never thought I would say this, but Seattle Seahawks, I LOVE you!


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    Speaking of the Seahawks, it's interesting that we just drafted 3 guys who were impressionable teens growing up in the Pacific Northwest when we beat Seattle in SBXL (DeCastro, Ta'Amu, and Paulson).


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