I predict this draft for the Steelers will ultimately garner 1 Hall of Famer (DeCastro), and three future Pro Bowlers (DeCastro, Adams, and Ta'amu). And that will put this draft down as one of the best for them. (Not 1974 but still pretty good).

Ta'amu is going to be a lot better than what alot of people think. In fact I believe he will dominate. He has the two things that Hiloti Ngata had coming in to the league. Size and strength. At NT in a 3-4 (playing only 2 downs), technique isnt as important as it is on the other D-line positions. His size and his strength will allow him to garner the double team automatically. And that is the number one thing a 3-4 NT needs to do. This kid can do that falling out of bed. But I believe he will bring more than just the double team. I believe his strength will collapse the inside pocket and push it back with regularity. He will be a very disruptive force inside. And that will create a trickle around affect. Flood gates. I think this cat has the chance to be the greatest NT this team has ever had.