I see Decastro being All Pro in his first season.

I'm gonna have to wait and see on Adams. I see the size and potential, but not sure he's a guy that will put it all together just yet.

Spence in 2-3 years is gonna make an impact on D a la Troy and Harrison. I bet he'll be a Pro Bowler.

Ta'amu is interesting, but like Adams, I'm in a wait and see mindset with him.

And then Rainey might be the other ProBowler, but he'd have to make it as a returner most likely. As an offensive player, it'll be a long shot. Although you never know. Could he be an athletic version of Wes Welker? Or a more athletic Wille Parker? Or just a jack of all trades, master of none. One things for sure, I'd like to see him race Mike Wallace in Latrobe. I wouldn't be surprised if he's faster.