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Thread: Undrafted Free Agents

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    Undrafted Free Agents

    Who does everybody want?

    I want
    OG Lucus Nix
    FB Bruce Figgins
    WR Jeff Fuller
    DT Hebron Fangupo

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    I could see the possibility of Nix for sure!!! I know they brought in Fangupo for a visit too so that would be just fine!!! He could add some competition and be a practice squad kinda guy!!!
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    Chris Polk or Tauren Poole
    Lucas Nix
    Chase Minnifield
    Ryan Van Bergen
    Kellen Moore
    Tydreke Powell
    Logan Harrell
    Janzen Jackson
    Chad Diehl
    Max Gruder
    Al Netter
    MAtt reynolds
    Brandon Lindsey
    Tony Dye
    Delano Howell
    Johnny Thomas
    Brian Linthicum
    Eric Page
    Jeff Fuller
    Derek Moye
    2 scenarios. One in which Mahommes is available to us at 1/30 (hoping but not likely) and the second in which he is not.

    1) Pat Mahommes-QB-TT 1) Tak McKinley-OLB-UCLA
    2) Jordan Willis-OLB-K.St. 2) Fabian Moreau-DB-UCLA
    3) Jalen Myrick-CB-Minn
    3) Nate Peterman-QB-Pitt
    3) Samaje Perine-RB-OU
    4) George Kittle-TE-Iowa
    5) Rayshawn Jenkins-S-Miami
    6) Ejuan Price-OLB-Pitt
    7) Glen Antoine-DT-Idaho

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    Van Bergen for sure, Fangupo might be nice, Nix would be great...Fuller can't hurt..Broderick Bins wouldn't suck either.
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    Chadman--we need to bring you up North to the Steelers FO ! You are the best kept secret--but no more. Congrats.


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    Great link Mo Steel. Thanks for posting. But I didn't see any Pittsburgh on there anywhere. What are they waiting for??
    Van Bergen is already snatched up by the Panthers and Janzen by the Giants. At least I didn't see Nix on there anywhere.

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    we signed a kicker

    mizzou tiger

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    Jeff Fuller picked up by the Dolphins

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    Vontaze Burfict to the Bengals. We pick up Brandon Lindsey from Pitt


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