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Thread: Paulson

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    datko goes the very next pick....ugh

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    probably a practice squad guy

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    Get Burfict!

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    Steelers got another David Johnson. Well atleast i called this pick correctly.
    Steelers Draft 2015
    Rd 1: Devante Parker - WR/ Kevin Johnson - CB
    Rd 2: Danielle Hunter -OLB
    Rd 3: Steven Nelson - CB
    Rd 4: Derron Smith - S
    Rd 5: Henry Anderson - DE
    Rd 6: Wes Saxton - TE
    Rd 7: Deon Simon - DT

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    Maybe this guy will play better than David Johnson

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    Fire Colbert!

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    There is always one head scratcher. At least we are not Stains fans. They always leave you wondering.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Djfan View Post
    There is always one head scratcher. At least we are not Stains fans. They always leave you wondering.
    Brad Smelly to the Browns at No. 247. Rumor is they only picked him to sum up their performance at the draft this year--PER A TWEET!!!

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    This is my least favorite pick.

    1. We didn't need a TE. We have Heath, Pope, and Saunders. At H-back we have DJ and the kid from WVU. With Paulson and a few cats we signed to futures contracts or former PS guys, we now have like 9 TEs for training camp. We really could use more competition at WR, OL, and DB.

    2. He is a finesse player with no speed. He does have good body control and hands (I've seen him make some incredible catches). He is on the smaller side.

    3. There were much better players on the board.

    4. Where does he play? He is a little slow to use as a slot TE, too weak to play inline, not explosive enough to play h-back/FB.

    5. He is not a project (does not have a high ceiling). I like 7th round project picks. Clemons is a good example. He has some NFL skills and needs to develop others to succeed. By taking a chance on him, we have a potential impact player to develop. Paulson, not so much.
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