1. Decastro - A++++++++++++++++++++++ - Somehow he fell in our laps. We did the right thing and took him. But gotta give the extra +'s cause other silly GMs passed on him. Thank you to the 23 teams that passed.

2. Adams - C - He's got a LT body, but worries me he'll end up being another Trai Essex. I was gonna give him a D, but kudos for stepping up and visiting the team and getting back on the draft board. Seems the kid might have a little drive beyond his lackluster on field performance I've seen. Can he put in the work to make it work? This pick was a dice roll.

3. Spence - A+ - This kid is a highlight reel. So productive. Such a hustler. He's gonna be a perfect fit for us to handle the new passing era of the NFL. This kid reminds me of the way Larry Foote played in college but with much more athleticism. Both are smallish, but have uncanny instincts on the field. Spence has a different game speed than Foote. And I've always thought if Foote only had size or speed, he'd be the perfect LB. Spence might be what I've always wanted in Foote. Just that little extra athleticism.