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I like Wallace but really believe they have no chance of resigning him much like the Holmes situation minus the stupidity. I'd have no issue getting what you propose for him. However, I don't think they can trade him since his tender is unsigned. Maybe someone knows for sure.
I'm starting to feel the way you do O. I just have this feeling Wallace is going bye bye after we use all the tenders and tags we have. I don't want him to leave by I think he is on his way out. That's why I thought this proposal made some sense. The Rams are desparate to get some help for their $120 million dollar QB and failed to do so with 2 shots in the 1st round. I thought we could use the 2 picks to complete the offensive line (Glenn) and get younger on defense (Kendricks). Then use our own 2nd rounder on a NT. Then we could use our 3rd and 4th rounders for depth ... get somebody like Pead to help out Redman and Batch. Hey, since DeCastro fell to use a guy can dream, can't he?

As far as trading Wallace I believe even though he is not under contract we do own the rights to him. It is the rights that you trade ... not the individual. I'm not positive about this but I'm sure someone of the braintrusts on this site will know.