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Thread: Draft night thread--lets start it here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chadman View Post
    "It's a steal, plain and simple."

    A steal of epic proportions, really. How do so many teams pass up a guy like DeCastro?
    By over drafting quarterbacks which cause other dominoes to fall and the fact that OG is probably the least coveted every down player on the field; the next thing you know the #1 rated player at his position falls into your lap.

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    1.22) Vic Beasley, OLB, Clemson
    2.56) PJ Williams, CB, FSU
    3.87) Ben Koyack, TE, ND
    4.120) Kurtis Drummond, FS, MSU
    5.152) David Johnson, RB, North Iowa
    6.183) Sean Mannion, QB, Oregon St.
    7.214) Lynden Trail, OLB, Norfolk St.

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    Wow what a steal.....!!!

    RB hats of to you for believing Steelers will draft DeCastro...
    Steelers Draft
    Rd 1: Mad Maxx Williams - TE
    Rd 2: Owa Odighizuwa - OLB
    Rd 3: Steven Nelson - CB
    Rd 4: Jaquiski Tartt - S
    Rd 5: Henry Anderson - DE
    Rd 6: Lorenzo Doss - CB
    Rd 7: James Vaughters -OLB

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    Aggiebones is drunk and pleased.

    Now trade up in rd2 a.d get NT.

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    Trade up and get Glenn in Round 2 and our OL is fixed for years to come.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aggiebones View Post
    Aggiebones is drunk and pleased.

    Now trade up in rd2 a.d get NT.
    Hopefully we can get a good one without trading up. It seems like tempting fate almost...

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    Like Ruthless, DeCastro was the prize of this draft for me. There was only 2 OL that were can't misses in this draft in Kalil & Decastro. There was only one guy I would trade up for and it was him. I didn't even think a 2nd like Ruthless suggested in his mock would land him because on a talent level...He looked to be a Top 10 guy. I am totally shocked this happened. I can not believe the turn of events. I didn't like this draft at the top and really was soured by the fact that we might end up taking a 2nd round talent guy at #24 because there were about 20-22 1st round grades at most. Colbert can thank the football GODS for the way this fell. Think of the good fortune for the Steelers not having to give up another pick to go get him. The 1st round pick was actually the only pick I was worried about this year. This draft is talented from here on out. To get Decastro at #24 in this draft is a pure blessing. Honestly, if everyone is "who" they thought they are on the roster & good fortune without injuries...The Steelers could be one more OL pick away from not having to worry about the OL for several years. Think of the run the Steelers could put together for the back half of Roethlisgerger's career. I would not hesitate to pull the trigger again in round 2 if a talent on the OL falls...They Steelers are on the brink of possible OL Dominance if they decide to go that route. I'm behind Colbert & Tomlin if that is what they choose!!!
    Trade Down

    1st Eli Harold OLB / Kevin Johnson CB
    2nd PJ Williams CB / Danielle Hunter OLB

    3a Jesse James TE
    3b Eric Rowe DB
    4th Lorenzo Mauldin OLB
    5th Karlos Williams RB
    6th Ray Drew DE
    7a DaVaris Daniels WR
    7b Max Garcia OL

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    I honestly saw this coming...

    I had faith in the rest of the NFL to fully commit to the necessary desperation and overdrafts required to push a blue-chipper like DeCastro right into the waiting hands of the Steelers...

    It really has nothing to do with the football is due to the all too mortal misfirings of NFL front offices sprinkled from #1 to #23...

    This is why the Steelers always try to be able to field a full team prior to the draft...if you don't have any "holes" (and really, the Steelers didn't...they made it to the playoffs with Legursky and Foster starting at OG and with Foote seeing extensive playing time at the Buck LB) you can just see what good football players drop to you and upgrade wherever you can...

    This was the greatest value 1st round pick that I can remember of any team since the Packers drafted Rodgers...

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    chirp chirp chirp....where is everyone?

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    we opened a round 2 and 3 thread and stickied it....
    ours is not to wonder why just invert and multiply...

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    No surprise for the Ravens with Upshaw
    Here We Go Steelers!

    22 CB Marcus Peters Washington
    56 TE Maxx Williams Minnesota
    87 RB TJ Yeldon BAMA
    118 G Josue Matias FSU
    152 OLB Jordan Hicks Texas
    183 DT Tyeler Davison FRESNO STATE
    214 WR Mario Alford WVU


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