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Thing is- you just don't get a lot of opportunities to draft an 'elite' LT when you are the Pittsburgh Steelers, drafting at the tail end of the draft every year. Adams fits so many catagories as a LT, and actually upgrades 3 OL positions as Chadman feels he's a superior LT to Gilbert, Gilbert is a superior RT to Colon & Colon is a superior RG to Foster. The flow-on effect is enormous. Many here want an OG, but that simply fixes 1 position. Chadman isn't convinced the OT's are better than 'ok' if they play the positions we currently have them tagged at.

After Adams, who is the next best LT? The drop-off from Adams to the next LT is huge. If the Steelers draft Adams, you can be sure that the team has done it's 'due diligence' in regard to his character. Has he been dumb?


But if the coaches think they can develop him, if they feel he can keep his head on straight- the upside there is huge. Potentially- Adams is the #2 LT on the Draft board behind Kalil.
Chadman's logic makes perfect sense... and if Matt Kalil, or a Matt Kalil type somehow fell in our lap, I'd be right with you. My issue is with the guy, Mike Adams himself. A guy with his "tools" should flat-out dominate, like Kalil did. Like Jon Ogden. Like Tony Boselli. Adams played in a highly competitive environment. Ohio St always had a BIG game coming up, where your skills would be put to the test. Great players respond, and dominate. He didn't do that.

Being a long-time draft nerd, I'm big on comparing. Comparing prospects to former prospects. In Adams' case, I think of Winston Justice from SC a few years back. Even farther back, I compared him to Trezelle Jenkins from Michigan. Both those guys were "supreme talents" from major programs, who were drafted in the late 1st because others felt the same way Chadman does ("when will we ever get a chance to pick an elite LT"). The problem is/was: These guys are fool's gold. I have much less of a problem drafting a guy like Jamain Stephens from Nowhere, because then you could somehow justify his college production. In a case like Adams, it's hard (to justify).