Josh Cribbs pulled over for going 103 mph on Cleveland highway
By Chris Chase |
The NFL's all-time leader in kickoff returns for touchdowns keeps things equally speedy on the highway.

Josh Cribbs of the Cleveland Browns was recently cited for driving 103 miles per hour in a 60 mph zone on the city's I-71. He was given a ticket and summoned to appear in court on May 4.

Cribbs acknowledged the incident on Twitter and commended the police officer who pulled him over. He wrote, in two separate tweets:

Yes I was pulled over for speeding, going too fast, luckily the police were on the job. Wasn't going that fast the entire time obviously but wrong is wrong, gotta face the music just like anyone else

Much Respect to the police officers who pulled me over! I will lead better on the road now as well as on & off the field!!!

Yes, just like everyone else going 103 mph in their 2010 Bentley, Cribbs will have to answer to the law.

The Washington, D.C., native has scored a record eight touchdowns on kickoff returns in his seven-year career. Coincidentally, the longest of those returns was 103 yards -- 103 yards, 103 mph. Hmmm, maybe there's some sort of correlation there. But that'd mean that whoever returns kicks for the Washington Redskins would always drive 22 mph, so that doesn't work.

While Cribbs needs to keep it safer on the roads, he deserves props for manning up and not trying to act like the radar gun was faulty or that he didn't deserve to be pulled over or that somehow LeBron was to blame.