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Thread: Todd's final 2012 mock draft

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    Todd's final 2012 mock draft

    All based on rankings from cbssports

    Round 1 ILB Dunta Hightower from alabama 6 Foot 2 265 lbs
    Round 2 OG Brandon Brooks from Miami of Ohio 6 Foot 5 346 lbs
    Round 3 DT Josh Chapman from Alabama 6 Foot 1 316 lbs
    Round 4 WR Tommy Streeter from Miami 6 Foot 5 219 lbs
    Round 5 OT Nate Potter from Boise State 6 Foot 6 303 lbs
    Round 6 FS Tavon Wilson from Illnoise 6 Foot 205 lbs
    Round 7A TE George Brian from North Carolina State 6 Foot 5 258 lbs
    Round 7B DE Ryan Van Bergen from Michigan 6 Foot 5 290 lbs
    Round 7C QB Aaron Corp from Richmond 6 Foot 4 218 lbs
    Round 7D FB Chad Diehl from Clemson 6 Foot 2 260 lbs

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    Not a big fan of Hightower. I won't be thrilled if he is Rd 1 pick. But if he is the highest rated player at 1.24 then i am ok with that pick. Also i would prefer someone like Lamar Holmes at OT in Rd 5 instead of Nate Potter. I like rest of the picks especially Rd 7.
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    Rd 6: Wes Saxton - TE
    Rd 7: Deon Simon - DT

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    I like this draft. I would be happy with it. Aaron Corp in the 7th nice.

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    Dude !.. Epic mock draft!! That is BEAST!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by grotonsteel View Post
    Not a big fan of Hightower. I won't be thrilled if he is Rd 1 pick. But if he is the highest rated player at 1.24 then i am ok with that pick.
    I agree.
    Bear in mind, I'm becoming more sold on Hightower. I've come to think that he will be a good, strong player at 23, 24, 25... with his young legs. But at 28, 29... with 6+ years of wear-and-tear on his body, how much of a liability will he have become.

    With a guy like Mychal Kendricks, he can lose a half-step and still accomplish all he needs to in this league. When Hightower loses that half-step (which could come from wear-&-tear, injury, etc.), he has no where to go. Earl Holmes was something of a poorman's Hightower. As a younger player, he was good. As he got along in his career and he lost a little speed, he quickly became a liability out there.

    I think I would take Kendricks over Hightower straight up.

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    If Cordy Glenn is still there at #24, I would take him over Hightower. I did this assuming that Glenn would be off the board.


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